Review of Disclosing the Secret

Book Review by: Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Recently, I read a book by author Vincent Amato which truly brings his A-game with this Sci-Fi Thriller. I could not help but finished the novel in one go and enjoyed it. The author, Amato quickly managed to keep me engaged in the plot of the story from beginning to the end. Within the first few pages, I realized that this is a good book to finish soon because I could not wait. If you and I are anything alike, then you too will become fixated with finding out, what’s “out there.” The story revolves around military man and central character, Jake Marcel. Just know that there’s a back history, he’s got something to prove, and it involves creatures of the creepy interplanetary kind. Full of thrilling incidences and actions of the lead character of the novel. No spoiler, but this is where it all gets good. When the past catches up with science, it brings a climax to the forefront that reaches new heights beyond anything you’ve ever read. I will surely recommend this novel to all science fiction lovers across the world.
Well done Mr. Vincent Amato!

One thought on “Review of Disclosing the Secret”

  1. I liked the review by the reviewer. Nicely written, good usage of vocabulary and so on. However, as a Professor of English and a fellow reviewer, I would like to suggest Mr Sharma to write the review from a subjective viewpoint and avoid using first person pronouns. Be objective. Dr Sonika Sethi


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