Fake Indian paper Currency Note Recognition System Using Image Processing

Neetika Singh [1], Akash Awasthi[2]

1. M. Tech Scholar, Department of Software Engineering

2. Head of the Department, Computer Science and Engineering

Naraina Vidha Peeth,Kanpur,India

Uttar Pradesh Technical University,Lucknow,India


Abstract: Fake cash is impersonation money delivered without the legitimate approval of the state or government. Delivering or utilizing this fake cash is a type of extortion or fraud. Copy notes are one of the most concerning issues happening in cash exchanges. Distinguishing fake notes physically gets to be tedious and chaotic process thus there is need of computerization methods with which cash acknowledgment procedure can be effectively done. Numerous systems have been proposed with the utilization of MATLAB, highlight extraction and different uses of picture handling. Two qualities of Indian paper money are chosen for fake discovery included recognizable proof imprint and coin serial number. The attributes extraction is performed on the picture of the coin and it is contrasted and the qualities of the certified money. The money will be checked by utilizing picture preparing methods. The procedure of shrewd edge discovery calculation is utilized for edge recognition. The methodology comprises of picture handling, dim scale change, edge recognition, picture division, trademark extraction, looking at pictures.

Keywords: Fake currency, Canny Operator, Digital image processing, imitation detection


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