A comparison and evaluation of communication tools of open source learning management systems

Research Scholar- Sheetal Uplenchwar#1, Ph.D. Guide – Dr. Manimala Puri#2

1Assistant Professor, Allana Institute of Management Sciences, Pune,

2 Director, Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Group of Institutes


Online Learning is becoming an important tool to allow the flexibility and quality requested by learning process. In the recent past, a great number of open source learning management system (OSLMS) has been introduced in the market showing different characteristics and services. All these OSLMS reduces cost acquired by proprietary LMS. Market is occupied with large number of OSLMS. So before selecting any OSLMS it is necessary to consider series of features, function and usability of the overall learning system.

The main purpose of this study is to analyze and explore the right decision when choosing a suitable OSLMS platform to meet the requirements of education system.

A different criterion needs to be considered while evaluating OSLMS. These criteria includes communication tool, productivity tool, student involvement tool, administration tool, course delivery tool, curriculum design, course delivery tool, software and hardware requirement, pricing and licensing issues.

This study focuses on evaluation of communication tool of seven OSLMS which includes Moodle, Atutor, Sakai, Ilias, Claroline, Olat and Dokeos.


Learning management systems (LMS), Open-source learning management systems (OSLMS), Group, Discussion Forum, Blog, Chat, Email, File Exchange, and Video Services.


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