Facts of Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh[1]

Mohammed Abdul Halim

Deputy General Manager, Research Department, Bangladesh Bank


[1] *The views expressed in the paper are the authors’ own and do not necessarily reflect those of Bangladesh Bank.



This is the review of the book titled Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh (Second Edition). Mohammad Mohabbat Khan.

Dhaka: University Press Limited. 2013. 168 pp., BDT 425. ISBN: 978 984 506 124 7


The widely acclaimed and unanimously accepted “Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh” is the most resourceful and promising delivery of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mohabbat Khan and I am fortunate enough to go through his master creation and I am very pleased to say that it enlightens and strengthens me in becoming a delighted reader and learner of this book. The contemporary issues concerned with the public administration, administrative reconstruction, and poor productive public bodies are the main liable reasons for low-standard governance in the Bangladesh. Some logically valid recommendations have been made in the book for the reforms of the public services in the governance that might significantly accelerate the development and economic growth of the Bangladesh. The time demands changes in the administrative function of the governance that are still being operated in the light of out-dated concept of very early ages’ bureaucratic theme. The public administration and public services’ bodies of Bangladesh represents the country that are significantly highest governing bodies from which all the decisive actions are taken for the rules, regulations and legislative functions of Bangladesh. These public services administrative bodies should be up to the mark that standardizes the image of the country with her pride to lead the country with economically solvent and sufficient with all necessary requirements to be blessed as a peaceful country and all these influential outcomes have been significantly scrutinized in the book of Mr. Khan. Mr. Khan, himself is a leading professor and professional of public administration and his diversified versatile knowledge, expertise and insights have blessed the book as a core guiding instructor for comprehending the required necessary reformative steps in the administrative governing bodies of the Bangladesh. Each and every citizens of the Bangladesh can enjoy the positive reformative actions of administrative governing bodies of Bangladesh and the sooner the actions are taken the better for the mass people of Bangladesh that can let them see the betterment and changes of their fortune gradually. For the sake of the democracy, for greater interest of the country, for sustaining the smiles of the mass of Bangladesh and for upholding the brighter image of Bangladesh as a peacefully developed country in the world; the administrative reforms should be taken without any further delay that are the colossal representation and recommendations that have been occupied in the greater extent of the book of Mr. Khan. Dr. Khan has stressed that bureaucratic public service system lead to corruption, mismanagement and low-productivity in the governance and he, in his book, discouraged the bureaucratic system of the public services that should be up-graded with the time oriented and public service oriented structure. All the previous governments of Bangladesh were hardly interested in reforms of the public services and administration of Bangladesh and very few of them have taken the policy to reform the public service bodies of Bangladesh. And all the governments of Bangladesh were unwilling to pay heed in the recommendations that were given by experts and for implementing the political agenda, very few so called steps were taken that couldn’t enable the public service governing bodies as the modernized, well-structured and developed organizations that can significantly serve and work for the development of the mass people of the Bangladesh. Dr. Khan has also explained that several recommendations that have been offered from the expert were ignored by the policy makers because of the lack of political free-will, sincerity and for grabbing pitfalls instead of understanding the greater interest of the people of the Bangladesh. The political free-will, political turmoil, and politically ignorant people are some good reasons why the recommendations are not implemented for keeping the greater interest of the country. A practice and exercise of transparency, accountability, liability, commitment, trust and development programs of the public service governing bodies can be ensured by the implementation of the recommendations that have been remarkably presented in the book of the Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mohabbat Khan. I, in line with the Dr. Khan, wish the achievements of the Bangladesh cannot be blurred for some bad examples rather the accomplishment of the Bangladesh can keep going on progressively with a participatory engagement and culture of the civil society, politically conscious persons and each and every citizens of the Bangladesh for the development, betterment and enrichment of our country. I wish very all the best for the book and I hope people will enjoy the readership of the book.

One thought on “Facts of Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh[1]”

  1. Dr.Khan saying is fantastic and fruitful for the country because in governing bodies the high up of the country are sitting which decided for their development not for the development of the country. When they make any for the country, so they first see to their losses and not to see the losses of the country and make that type law, rules and regulations which not damage their interest, so the khan reforms are best because in these reforms the power will go to normal people which are more in population and through a positive changes will be occur in the country which in long run benefit the whole country. Through this way peace and prosperity will be come in the country and they compete very well in the world. So finally i appreciated the reforms statement of the khan not only for Bangladesh but also for the whole world because there also few Burgess has captured all the resource of the world


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