Tips for Book Launch and Book Promotion

Book writing is a comprehensive and time consuming task and it becomes desirable to gain from the book publication and to make gain you must ensure that the book reaches to the maximum number of readers in an effective manner. To ease out the process of book promotion and book launch, here we will discuss some of the time tested tips and tricks which you must utilize while resorting to book launch or book promotion.

  • Make a budget

    First of all, you have to plan you budget for the book promotion strategies like online distribution, making available on multiple channels or bringing it to the book selves of the retailers. The planning part of the book promotion plays an important role in ensuring the effectiveness and cost saving.

  • Find a venue

    Organise a book launch party at the place which can bring the potential readers on a common platform with the invitee of the party like your friends and promoters who helped you in various stages of the book publishing.

  • Plan your space

    Plan for the sample sale and discount offer to the buyers at the party. Most of the people will like to buy if they like the book. Some persons may buy it for their collection and many will buy as their friends are buying it. The location of the party will also decide the potential new buyers of your book. 

  • Get the word out

    Spread the word of the event through various media like social networking sites, newsletters, website promotion and retail agents. A slide show or book trailer running on a laptop can capture the attention of browsers who will want to know more about your book.

  • Take pictures. Ask a friend to take pictures and make sure to get some shots of you signing books, talking to readers, and speaking. If you have any notables attending, get a shot of the two of you together. These will come in handy for your promotional effort

  • Prizes and giveaways. Who doesn’t like them? Having a drawing for a free book or a prize themed to your subject will be popular. And if you repeat your reading a couple of times, go ahead and have a couple of drawings to keep people interested.

  • Gather addresses. Here’s my last tip, and it’s one of the most important. You want to stay in touch with people you spend time with at your launch party. Make sure you have a way to capture each attendee’s email address, whether it’s a sign-up sheet, a bowl for business cards, or a laptop or tablet where people can opt into your mailing list on the spot.

Planning and executing a book launch or book promotion is quite a bit of work, but it can pay off. You’ll establish good relations with readers and media which will help you in long run. You’ll make sales and add to your future potential buyers list, too.