US in Afghanistan

The US is not playing fair in Afghanistan and its high time the world community must condemn the US intervention in the internal affairs of the new Afghan Regime. The role of UN is minimalized and overshadowed by the proactive role that US and the NATO forces are playing in the world affairs.
The time has come when there should be more reforms in the UN so that is become more powerful than any individual county for the sake for which the organisation was crated after the Second World War. The relief works done by many other countries including India is nowhere highlighted and the role of US in Afghan affairs keeps on coming in news.
I think it is the conspiracy of US to make his base in Afghanistan to keep a check on the influences of Russia and India in the Middle East. I think the alliance among Russia, China and India should be strengthened to counter the undue influence and intervention in the affairs of the West Asia and the Middle East. There is difficulty in reforming UN.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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