The Hindu a Daily

The Hindu a daily
Published from Delhi
And other places of India
Popular and most read media
Name seems communal in nature
Published most rational feature
Covers wide ranging topics
Politics and Economics
Lifestyle and sports
News of all sorts
From every corner of the world
New in perception oldest of old
Covers nicely news
Which professionals use
Good coverage of events
Very rich in contents
Favourite for the students
Liked by many professionals
Published very good articles
Less number of advertisements
More number of contents
News is most authenticated
A good editorial team dedicated
Most interactive in nature
Publishes views, comments and feature
News selection is just and rational
News cover national and international
The Hindu a daily
Enjoy it almost daily
{Written and dedicated to The Hindu newspaper published in India which is very good for reading not watching (few people do watch and don’t read)}
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
(शशिकांत निशांत शर्मा साहिल’)

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