National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC): Good or Bad?

The proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre in India is an ambitious programme and it will boost not our intelligence system but also make the terrorism response mechanism more proactive. The lack of coordination among the different agencies dealing with the counter terror and internal peace and security is very alarming and many terrorist or insurgent groups operating in India get away easily. Very often we hear that that a particular agency took the responsibility of a terror attack and the news fade away. Why this is happening in India? If you see for example the stand of USA against the terror is clear and quite appreciable. They nuke down the terror infrastructure even in foreign land and here in India we even can’t uproot their training camps running in various parts of the country either known or unknown to the intelligence agencies. The state government should cooperate with the initiative of the Home Ministry and NCTC a great success and example for the rest of the world. Very often the intelligence is able to collect informations but there is no agency responsible for acting on it. This can be either due to the lack of skilled personnel and the training of the state police department or the lack of coordination between various law enforcing agencies.
    The negative point that I have thought out are as follows. First, the state consensus must be taken into account. This can be done either through persuation of effective high level meeting between the official of different states. Seconly, I would try to draw attention to the lack of upgradation of the existing agencies and state police departments. Thirsly, there is perception that giving intelligence and law enforcing powers in same hands will make them more powerful and they might be puppet in the hand of Centre to weild more power and intimidate state police power.
 My suggestion would be that it is not yet late to initiate a copprehensive discussion and debate in parliament or in a meeting of all state Chief Ministers and high level bureaucrats.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

School of Planning and Architecture,*
(under the Ministry of HR&D, Govt. of India),
New Delhi-110002

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India