La Fioritura

Castelluccio, a small village in central Italy has become a centre of lentils and poppy bloom. This happens every year and the event is called La Fioritura (the flowering). It takes place during the period between May to July.People have reported that this year it’s unusually colourful due to the Covid-19 lockdown that has reduced pollution.

Piano Grande

Piano Grande is surrounded by Sibilline group of mountains. It is also an important tourist attractions of Italy.

Rainbow appearance

Due to the variety of flowers that grow here, it looks very colourful and is comparable to the colours in a rainbow. This year it looks more beautiful and the flowers are completely bloomed due to climatic conditions and less pollution.

Nature’s masterpiece

Number of wild flowers bloom across the Castelluccio plain which makes it appear like a painting.The flowers and crops include lentils, poppies, brown pulses, daisies and cornflower make it look like a floral carpet.All the nature lowers should definitely visit this place once in a lifetime.


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