“Emergence Of Middle Class In India”

Middle class is the emerging class in India which shares about 300 to 350 million of the total population. The class emerged as an application of social policy and new economic system and industrial world. eighteenth century Industrial Revolution brings about large scale productions and invention of new technologies which had changed the course of production across the globe and framed new ways to economies. In India middle class emerged because of the policies trends new systems involving land issues , legal policies , introduction of education system of western culture , theory of modern capitalism , enterprises, improved interactions and commercial changes etc. How to Define Middle classes ?

According to economic principles it is defined as : if more than one third of the income left with a family after paying food and shelter such families came under considerations of middle class families. According to B.B Mishra it is defined as seventy five percent to one twenty five percent of median salary, such salary categories also come under the Defination of middle class.

Evolution of Middle Class in India :

In INDIA middle class idea is not new it was categorized under colonial rule this term was used for newly emergent groups of people in urban centers flourished mainly under the colonial period British policies And systems were the basis of rise of Middle class in India mainly the tax collections, advent of their education system , cultural, intellectual , and artistic movements or Indian Renaissance , modern perspective of education, and Freedom movements and all this background was prepared by religious and social reformers, scholars, literary giants, journalists, patriots, orators, scientists and technical giants freedom fighters all these laid foundation for the Indian Renaissance and hence towards a class that is middle class.

Cause of rise of Middle class in India:

ECONOMIC: For Emergence of middle class In India economic perspective is Commercialization and Industrialization.

POLITICAL: One of the important factor which contribute to rise of Indian Middle Class is ‘Democracy’ Equal participation in decision making equal enjoyment of Choice and Power and Universal adult franchise.

B.B Sharma in his book on The Middle class in India Concluded very sharply And clearly that Foundation of Indian Middle class was laid during the reign of Britishers , under colonial period Indian class came under transformation and head its way to Middle class which serves as a link between people and new rulers.

Sanjay Joshi View: He made a clear depiction about emergence of middle class, articulate the defination of power of middle class was from its propagation of modern ways of life and Heterogeneity was an attribute the rise of middle class in India.

Values Related to family, marriage, and women status among Middle Class :

Today World is confronted with modernity and we are living in the era of Modern world but even today marriage is considered as an important traditional social institution choices available with individual specifically, Women are very few as, marriage and motherhood taken to ultimate goal. even today marriage is still seem as a way of life through which an individual entered adulthood in both upper and upper middle class in both of urban india who outwardly appears to be modern.