‘Content Writer’ is the most searched job in India, says study

The latest study for digital marketing job trends in world’s leading nations conducted by SEMrush, the online visibility management, and content marketing SaaS platform showcased that amongst the most searched digital marketing jobs in different countries, India clearly showed a great share of 73.87 per cent for content writer jobs with a monthly/daily search volume of 26309.

Content writer jobs in other countries contributed with a lower share of 32.24 per cent for Australia, 31.66 per cent for the UK, 30.68 per cent for Canada, and 30.27 per cent for the USA.

The study showed that the keywords – ‘how to do content marketing’, why content marketing is important’, ‘what is content marketing strategy’ and other queries regarding content marketing and content writing ranked high in terms of search volume in comparison with other digital marketing jobs.

India showcased vast changes in the priority of content writer jobs in recent years and surpassed other fast-evolving digital marketing jobs like social media managers, SEO analyst, Content marketing manager, etc.

The research conducted in the world’s leading nations highlighted the overall share of content writer jobs to be 47.57 per cent amongst all leading digital marketing jobs.


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