At the Moment

At the moment
Have delight
In everything you do
Please, please
Don’t make excuse
Don’t say
It’s night
Wait for the day
But do
At this moment
You know
Time never comes
It’s we who go
How can I show?
Time is imaginary
Time is futility
But only activity is reality
You are alive
At the moment
Enjoy every event
Don’t repent
For what you did in past
But do aright
At the present
Do in the best way
If you can do
Here and now
Don’t ask how
You know it well
Just start
And it will get accomplished
Your art and ability will get polished
Everyone must heed
We are born in the world
And constantly growing old
We will leave behind
Not silver and gold
But some sweet memories
Or a little miseries
A list of deeds
Done and undone
Done badly or done well
And this will judge our lives
Your deed may be
Like a little straw
Floating on the surface of sea
What we call world
Your deed may be solid as stone
And having a weight of ton
But it may dive deep
If not kept at right place
On Earth’s surface
The deeds done
For the needy people
For the poorest of poor
Will determine you true value
So pay heeds my brother, pay heed
Do things right
At right moment
With all your might
And enjoy a life of delight
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

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