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How to stop wasting paper and save trees…….

At first, this might appear as a very common topic to write an article, but it is necessary to point out small small issues so that they don’t convert into major ones. To stop wasting paper and saving trees is the need of the hour because cutting trees is having an adverse reaction on the environment. Every year we see that heat is increasing at an increasing rate, and winter season which tends to starts from end of September, now starts much after, say mid November. These are all the changes we are doing by cutting trees, which results in global warming, which further results in climate change.

Causes of Wastage of Paper:- There is a term called ‘recycling’, which in some way or the other is replenished from our dictionaries. For example, it could be always noticed that after a child comes into a new grade, he/she needs a new set of books and notebooks. But, what about those notebooks which somehow remains untouched or some having pages left. We tend to give them to junk dealer for sure. The biggest cause of wastage of paper is that we don’t understand the value of it. If we know how much tress are cut to make papers, we’ll be shocked. Out of the 17 billion cubic feet of trees deforested each year, over 60℅ are used to make paper. This deforestation is responsible for nearly a fifth of world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Cutting down paper waste along with all other waste is a major issue. We could recycle the unused notebooks by taking out those papers which remained unused and binding them, resulting into making new notebooks. We could also reuse the filled notebooks by making creative show pieces to decorate our home. There are so many DIY ideas we could do with used paper. Another important thing is to avoid using foil papers and tissue papers. These are just fancy ideas. When the sheets of aluminum are compressed to make foil paper, the smoke and gases which emits are of much greater poisonous reactions to environment.

Some Solutions to Save Trees and Stop Wasting Paper:-

1. Recycling of news papers and other papers to make decorative objects.

2. Go green, plant basic seeds from you kitchen to make a kitchen garden.

3. Don’t throw out kitchen waste, start home composting, adding kitchen waste, newspaper and some soil in aerated bin would give you ‘black gold’ for your plants.

4. Giving used books to those in need, try educating underprivileged children.

5. Switch to ‘Online News Reading’, this will not only cutdown newspaper waste but also you’ll be getting time to time news updates.

6. Use waste plastic boxes from home waste or kitchen to plant saplings and sowing seeds.

7. Planting a tree sapling on ocassions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Doing something good to nature on such special ocassions will make you feel more happy.

As businesses, we need to do more to be greener, but that doesn’t mean we should operate in the red. It’s a common misconception to assume that acting on environmental issues always costs money, even on a micro scale. By making small changes to a common issue – the costly, unmanaged reliance on paper – we can all help the environment without hurting our quarterly reports. Hence, by cutting down wastage of paper and following the above solutions we could easily get rid of the problem of paper wastage. Moreover, if we got rid of this problem automatically trees would be safe.