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Run Away To Jungle

I want to drown myself in the mastic woods,
with the plenty of ventures out there.
thoroughly observe each and every place,
cherish with the nature and its flair.

I want to walk on those green carpets,
that my mom used to tell me in stories.
I want to smell aroma of the beauty,
and feel its smoothness beneath my feet.

I want to trouch the bark and it texture,
feel its spottyness, its enduring esthetics.
I want to drink that sweet water,
that is rearly found in our impaired streets.

I want to go there and stay there forever,
fill my chest with those pleasent breeze.
I want to feel the hauntiness of mysterious night,
and hear the melody of humming bees.

I want to be more happy and peaceful,
by throwing away those sorrow and miseries.
I want to run way to jungle,
away from these compact and congested streets.

Shubham Koul

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd