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* Dr.Sr.S.Sahayaselvi


The short-sightedness policy of economy, commerce, and production inject the slow poison to people, flora and fauna in the name of pollution. The gravest effects of all attacks on the environment are suffered by the poorest especially in case of marine pollution; it is the fisherfolk of any country. Fishermen who are considered to be marginalized and backward in all aspects- socio, economic, educational, cultural and even political suffer a lot due to marine pollution in terms of health and loss of fish stock. Therefore this paper is an eye opener for the readers to know that how far marine pollution bring havoc in the life of the coastal inhabitants and bring danger to their livelihood. Results from 225 sample respondents indicate that how the marine water is polluted due to domestic and industrial sewage water and bring danger to fishermen community in the form of health hazards. This paper too offers few suggestions to the government and the well wishers of the fishermen to take care of marine sea with far sightedness which protects the life of quarter of the world’s population lives on the coast or nearby and that the majority of our megacities are situated in coastal areas .Otherwise14.47 million fishermen may be washed up and peril in the marine pollution.

Keywords: Marine pollution, Coastal inhabitants, Environmental diseases, Coastal Erosion.

*Assistant Professor of the Department of Commerce, Holy Cross College (Autonomous), Roch Nagar, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, TamilNadu, South India.