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Last day of Internship

So, finally, today is the last day of my internship. This is not related to any news, article or any kind of research, this is just a simple message and a little experience which I want to share. In this period of a month, I learnt a plethora of skills such as content writing, Blogging and more than that I enjoyed to being a publisher with eduindex. I haven’t traditionally good at writing but now I think I did my best even I can do more better. In today’s world, everyone should learn these skills and knowledge as well and we are blessed as we have such a good platform Internshala through that we can use this knowledge or skill even learns from them in such a convenient way. Hopefully, my little experience will be helpful to have the curiosity in young ones.


Ever since my childhood, I thought cricket is our national sport. The reason behind this was very clear, as for sports I’d always watched cricket in our home , whether it was the astonishing innings of Sachin Tendulkar or deadly shots of Rahul Dravid, my family made sure to not miss even a single ball. However I don’t remember my family watching any other sport besides cricket. This is the impact of this sport in our country.It’s bitter but very true that one single game blotting many other games in India. Cricket fever has even overshadowed our national sport hockey. Theoretically, we all know that hockey is our national game but in practical vision its cricket maniac all over. No one remembers that in Shooting, Gagan Narang won four gold medals in Common Wealth Games 2010, or Indian World Champion Wrestler Sushil Kumar has won the gold medal in FILA 2010 World Wrestling Championships , but we surely know how many times the Indian cricket team has won the World Cup. You ask a child on the streets like whom do you want to become? they will instantly answer “Sachin Tendulkar” or “Virat Kohli” , but why no one ever answers “Dhyan Chand”? The reason is very simple, it is because the kids don’t even know who he is, and this is very shameful to us as a society that our children do not know who Dhyan Chand is.

Many budding players in sports like shooting, lifting, hockey etc. cannot continue their passion due to lack of governmental aid provided to them at international level which is not the case with cricket. Huge crowd pack the cricket stadium when there is India- Pakistan match, but the the stadium’s seats are found empty during other sports. It is such a shame for us that Sunil Chhetri , our Indian football team captain, had to seperatly make a video urging all the Indians to come to the stadiums to support our football team. It is such shame that our football captain have to ask us for our support, to boost their moral by marking our present at the stadium because we never care to go to the stadiums to watch their matches, which will never happen in cricket.

If this cricket mania continues, India can never perform well in the Olympics for years to come. Hence, there is a need of administration, infrastructure, training and facilities given to players of other sports than cricket so that they can shine more brightly with their stunning performances and we as an audience need to give all the attention and appreciation to the players of every sport, which we currently only give to the cricketers.


“Creative without strategy is called art , creative with strategy is called advertising”. The quote mentioned above is enough to understand the value of advertising , i.e, Advertising is just an art if its done without any strategy and the correctly done advertising can do wonders to you and to your products.Advertising is any paid form of communication from an identified sponsor and source that draws attention to ideas, goods, services or to the sponsors itself. It is generally directed towards group rather than individuals and is mainly done through media TV, radio, newspapers and Internet. Advertising and Marketing are generally considered the same concept but they aren’t. Marketing is the process of preparing a product , keeping in mind the trends, expectations and demand of the customers whereas Advertising is the concept of making the product or service known to the audience.Marketing involves consumer behavior and market research and Advertising involves creative endeavors like design and multimedia production. The role of Advertsing is very crucial in the success of the product, it not only creates image of a product but also increase the reach too. The major roles of Advertsing are:

EDUCATING THE CUSTOMERS – Through advertising the company can guide the customers about how to use the product, about the handling operations and the Do’s and don’ts of a product.Sometimes the process of using a product can be quite complex, in those cases advertising proves to be a big help.

BRAND IMAGE – The image of a product plays a very prominent role in its success. Advertising helps the product in creating that image which creates name of that product among the customers.The content of the advertsing message, the nature and packaging of the products are some of the factors which help in creating an image for the product.

PERSUASION – There are hundreds of similar products available in the market, so the focus of the organization should not only be to advertise the product but also to persuade the customers to buy the same.Through the help of persuasive messages, the organizations give reasons to describe the superiority of their product as compared to the other similar products which are available in the market.

BRAND LOYALTY – Loyal customers is all an organization can wish for, as one loyal customer can increase the head count of a product by suggesting and recommending it to their friends.Sales promotion, personal selling are some of the elements which help in building brand loyalty.

EXPANSION OF MARKET – Advertising helps in expanding the business of an organization. The Advertisement of a product should be effective, which will create an impact on the customers. The product can expand from local to regional to national and then to an international level through correct advertising.

Indian pharma well placed to develop.

Even before the break of Covid-19 outbreak,India was the largest producer of vaccines in the World.”Pharma vision 2020 ” took speed after the acceptance of Covid-19 by India.The goal is to become a World leader by end to end production of ‘Pharmaceutical’ products.The importance of Indian vaccine is that much that United State requested India to export ‘HydroxyChloroquine’ which is believed have some success in combatting Covid-19.This has shown the World that India has power and relevance in producing best medicines.Science ministry gave a statement that by August 15 would be releasing a novel corona virus vaccine.Six Indian companies are working day and night on Vividh -19 vaccine.Along with two Indian vaccines, Covaxin and ZyCov-D, world over 11 out of 140 vaccines candidates are in human trial said,the ministry.India a leading manufacturer of vaccines and generic medicines, is expected to play a key role in this race.Dozen of vaccines around the corner of the World are being in progress.

A family is a little world created with love.

Family is the people in one’s life who accept you as you are.The one’s who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.Family plays an integral part in one’s life.Family is build on meaningful connection, it is an unbreakable and incredible bond created by mothers,fathers,sisters,brothers etc.A family acts as a first school to a child where one learns about various things.The basic knowledge about one’s culture and identity comes from the family only.In other word one is identified with the family only.All the good habits and manners one has Incorporated are from their only.Families are essential as they help in our growth they develop as becoming a complete person with an individual identity.Family are the one who believes in you when the whole World doubt you.family acts a pillar in one’s life they are always there in ups and down.Family are source of inspiration, love and support.Its that warm and fuzzy feeling.

“Where words leave off,music begins”..

Music gives soul to the universe,wings to the mind fight to the imagination and life to everything.Music plays an important part in life it has no boundaries and follows no guidelines.Its is just like an air with no shape or definition yet we need it in our life.Music is life in itself.When people are happy, sad,angry and any type of emotion it is music which nourishes the soul and mind.It acts like a pleasant sound which is a combination of melodious and harmony and which soothes the soul.The music consist of Sargam,Ragas,Taals etc. Thus, Everything in harmony has music.Someone has rightly said, “The music is not in the notes but in the silence between”.Music has great qualities of healing a person emotionally and mentally.It is a form of meditation.Music is purest form of worship to God.

India -china on going relation.

India and China are going in locked in an eye ball to eye ball face off in Laddakh with each other.Since 5 May,2020 chinese and indian troops have engaged in face-offs and skirmishes at location along the Sino Indian Border, including near the disputed Hanging lake in Ladakh.In May, chinese objected the construction of Indian road in Galwan river valley.On 15 of June 20 Indian personnel including a colonel,were killed in a clash with Chinese troops in Galwan valley.The clash resulted in biggest confrontation between the two militaries.Indian goverment has taken a decision in order to respond to the border dispute with China.Prime minister Naredra Modi said, has taken a decision of boycotting Chinese application in India ie,zoom ,tik-tok,shareit along with that bycooting chinese goods and this teach “China a lesson”. However various types of action are taken on the economic front including cancellation of certain contacts with Chinese firm.

The bride herself is a dowry.

The dowry system in India is the worst system that exist here in this the bride family gives cash,goods or movable property to the bridegroom , his family as a condition of the marriage.This system was followed in India since ancient times but now as if it is leading to issues and problems in society.Now parents of bridegroom are looking a bride as a source of income which is totally disgusting.Poor parents who started hating their daughters because they don’t have money to give dowry and nobody is ready to get married to their daughters.They have to take ‘Marriage loans’ to get their daughters married.Dowry is becoming a nightmare for women.The cases of infanticide are increasing poor parents could not afford a girl child and hence they are killing infant girls.Gandhi ji said “Any young man,who makes dowry a condition to marriage,discredit his education and his country and dishonours womanhood”.So it very clear that dowry is creating violence in society it is a complete injustice with women and it creates negative impact in society.

Year of COrona VIRus,YEAR of Major changes..

2020 would be definitely unforgettable for all of us who are witnessing this.This year brought up with itself many changes in us as well as around us.This year would rather be a story, which we would definitely forward to our future generations.This chapter rather become a new history in this World.The changes brought up by the ‘Castorphic Corona Outbreak’ are “Touch is the new phobia”.The biggest change this pandemic brought is that people are actually afraid of touching each other.”Online Film festivals and Music Concerts” are the new trend as the public gathering are prohibited so major film festival would be organized in collaboration with the “Youtube” which even named as ‘We Are One’s.”Video call for wedding Now” we never wondered that digitalization has a greater scope as now the video calls are taking place through video call.’Mask and gloves’ are part of lifestyle as they become so essential part in every-day life without it we can’t go out.Last the ‘Peope suffered the Most” exhausted migrant workers who walked for 100 km in order to go home falls sleep on the railway track.There also number of labourers who actually lost their life while walking backing to their homes.

Medicines can cure diseases but only doctors can cure patients.

One of the most noble and respected profession on this Earth is of being a ‘Doctor’.A doctor is the only person who are given the stature next to God.A doctor dedicates his life to the service of the patients they provides relives to the service of man-kind.He cures the patients from disease and illness so that they could live a better and healthier life.In addition they are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and devices that enables them to diagnose and treat their patient with correct procedures.On 1st July every year in order to pay tribute to the doctors all around the World “International Doctors Day” is celebrated.A doctors life is very hard often they have to visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep and even food.Even in this pandemic situation of “Castorphic Corona Outbreak” the doctors are working day and night so that they could stop the prevent of epidemic.Every now and then dangerous disease grab the humanity it’s the Doctor who finds the cure.It is because of Doctor a damaged organ can be transplanted in today’s medically advanced World.A doctor always treats his patient with smile and cheer they motivate and encourage sick person they act as a ray of hope in patients life.A Doctor pledges his life in alleviating the suffering of the patients.