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Sweet Summer…

  • What do you think is better
    The sweet summer
    Or icy chill winter? 
    When you catch cold 
    And feel very bad
    Sweater and jacket having clad
    Covering from foot to head
    A thin boy becomes fat
    And a fat one elephant
    Isn’t summer
    Far more better? 
    When you don’t have to clad
    Too many clothes
    A few clothes can do
    But beware of ‘loo’
    You can sleep on the roof
    In the open sky
    And enjoy moon lit night
    In the sky heavenly sight
    In summer feel better
    Enjoy rains clatter
    On the roof, in the rain
    Go to hill-station once again
    Enjoy summer vacation
    And a lot of fun-filled action 
    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

    With Regards
    SureShot POST
    New Delhi, India