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It’s better to forget all

It’s better to forget all
Than to recall
And become sad
Feel something bad
And turn yourself mad
If you only had
The things that lost
Time which in now ghost
The girl whom you loved most
The friends you considered best
And turned to be worst
In time of need
And loneliness indeed
Then, it’s better to forget all
Than to recall 
And spoil your happiness
Embitter your sweetness
The incidents that occurred
The losses you concurred 
The moment which is no more
When your friend dived in sea
You remained on shore
Only to witness and see
He came back never
Got lost forever
It is better to forget all
And never recall
Unpalatable incidents
Unutterable accidents
That saddens our heart
Quarrel and strife
That hurt heart
And make the life unhappy
Things so cheap and crappy
The setback and downfall
It is better to forget all 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma