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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-9_Part-2

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: Impact of School Environment on Academic Achievements of Children: (A study with special reference to middle class students of Indore district, M.P., India) 1
Authors: Shubham Ojha
2 Title: A Review of the Impact of Public Relations on Tourism Industry: Developed Model of Public Relations in Macedonian Tourism 6
Authors: Ana Zdravkovska – Ilievska
3 Title: Evaluation Of Staff Performance In Cocoa Research Institute Of Nigeria Ibadan (Crin) 20
Authors: Ajayi Adeola
4 Title: The Problems And Characteristics Of Succesful Nigerian   Women Entrepreneurs 40
Authors: Ajayi Adeola
5 Title: Administrative Reform in Bangladesh- Trend of Failure 55
Authors: J. Ferdous
6 Title: An Assessment of the Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity of Commercial Vehicle Drivers in Rivers State, Nigeria 65
Authors: Azuamah, Y.C., Obeme-Ndukwe, O. , Esenwah, E.C. , Bazuaye, K.N., Ikoro, N.C., Agu, G.C. and Nwala, O.R
7 Title: Anxiety Among Adolescent Students in Relation to their Intelligence and Family Climate 70
Authors: Dr. Mandeep Kaur
8 Title: Churches in Ghana and their Stewardship role to the Environment 74
Authors: Kwabena Abrokwa Gyimah and Charles Owiredu
9 Title: Consumption of Fish in Ona-Ara Local Government Area 82
Authors: O. A. Ajetunmobi
10 Title: Contribution of Women in Agriculture 86
Authors: S. Sangeetha & Dr. R. Rajendran
11 Title: Controlling Suicides in Indian Metro Railway by Implementing a Laser Driven Automatic Mechanical Prey Catching System 89
Authors: Ratan Pal Singh
13 Title: Cyber Grooming and Bullying of Children 91
Authors: Nainy Singh1, Dinkar Gitte2
14 Title: Effect of Caffeinated Coffee on Tear Production 97
Authors: Juddy A.U., Esenwah, E.C., Ikoro N.C., Azuamah Y.C., George G.O., Okorie M.E., Daniel-Nwosu E.M., Nwakamma G.
15 Title: Gender and Culture 101
Authors: Khutheibam Farook Ali
16 Title: Gender Difference in Self Concept among Homeless Individuals of Pakistan 105
Authors: Yaqoob, N. and Zaidi, S. M. I. H.
17 Title: ICT Adoption In Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria: An Assessment

Authors: Olayungbo David Oluseun (PhD); Ajayi Adeola


18 Title: Impact of Parent’s Occupation and Family Income on Children’s Performance 115
Authors: Muhammad Akbar Ali Shah1, Mahreen Anwar2
20 Title: Majority Rule and Minority Protection under Companies Act 1956 with special reference to Foss vs. Harbottle 120
Authors: Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari
21 Title: Online Harassment: A Virtual Crime With Real Consequences 129
Authors: Ashutosh Kumar Pandey
22 Title: Prisoner-Of-War Status after September Eleven: Need for Amending the Laws of War in the Context of Transnational Armed Conflicts 136
Authors: Pritam Kumar Ghosh
23 Title: Protecting the Sensitive Information on Online Social Networks 146
Authors: N.Anjaiah1 & CH.Ravi2
24 Title: Public Interest Litigation in India- Judicial Activism or Judicial Overreach 152
Authors: Pritam Kumar Ghosh
25 Title: Public-Private Partnership

Authors: Monika Sharma and Anita Bindal

26 Title: An Examination Of The Roles Of Government, Financial And Support Institutions To Nigerian Small And Medium Scale Industrialists

Authors: Ajayi Adeola

28 Title: Role of Religion and Spirituality in Civilizing Human Society: A Contemporary Perspective

Authors: Dr. J.S. Anand1 & Prof. M.S. Anand2

29 Title: Security Protective Data Allocation with Anonymous ID Consignment

Authors: P. Shivaprasad & CH. Anuradha

30 Title: Signed Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement of Deaf Children in Special and Integrated Primary Schools in Addis Ababa

Authors: Dr. Tesfaye Basha Ludago

31 Title: VLAN & Its Implementation Over ATM

Authors: Kunal Deswal, Shweta Thakur

32 Title: Voters Turnout- The Veins of Democracy

Authors: Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari1 & Rangam Sharma2

33 Title: Women Security by Usage of Touch Screen Process

Authors: Nisha Trisal; Geeta & Anshul Sharma

34 Title: Water Quality Assessment during the Pre-Monsoon Season in Salem Block, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India

Authors: P. Arulbalaji & B. Gurugnanam


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