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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-8_Part-4

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Study of Hydrotherapy and Its Health Benefits

Authors: Mozhdeh Bahadorfar

2 Title: Anonymizing Data records in Distributed Data mining over Horizontal partitioned data 12
Authors: Dr. Ch G.V.N. Prasad, Katkam Gaurav, Nunavath Yakaiah & R Bharath Kumar
3 Title: Cystic Cranial Meningioma; Unusual Imaging Features 20
Authors: Mohamed A.R Arbab, Sawsan A.H. AL deaf, Lamyaa A.M E Hassan, Alsadig Gassoum, Abd Allah Dafa Allah   Ahmed M. El Hassan.
4 Title: Detection of Bacteria Associated with the Spoilage of Ready-To-Eat Instant Noodles 27
Authors: Okafor, A. C. and Sunday, T. C.
5 Title: Effect of Different Levels of NPK Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Greenhouse Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) By Using Drip Irrigation Technology 31
Authors: Imran Arshad, Wajiha Ali & Zaheer Ahmed Khan
6 Title: Effect of Maize Variety and Legume, Non Legume Intercropping On Yield and Yield Attributes Of Maize in Foot Hills of Nepal 38
Authors: S. Dhakal, N.K. Chaudhary, K.R. Pande and L. Yadav
7 Title: Enhancement of Heat Transfer Rate in Heat Exchanger Using Nanofluids

Authors: S Kannan, Dr T Vekatamuni and P Vijayasarathi

8 Title: FPGA Implementation of an FFT Processor

Using Cordic Algorithm

Authors: Niveathasaro V,Vijayasaro V

9 Title: Implementation of TCSC on a Transmission Line Model to analyse the variation in Power Transfer Capability

Authors: Prof.Sushil Kumar

10 Title: Isotherm and Kinetics of Phenol Removal by Adsorption- A Review

Authors: S.J. Kulkarni, Dr.J.P. Kaware

11 Title: Modeling and Harmonic Analysis

of Turning Operation

Authors: Pramod Kumar N, Avinash N V ,Sudheer K V and Umashankar K S

13 Title: Perception and Ranking of Internet Banking Service Quality from Banker perspective in Public and Private Banks in Egypt

Authors: Miran I.Hussien, R. Abd El Aziz, O.Giles

14 Title: Perceptive Functions and Memory in Neural Network Model 85
Authors: Sumit Kumar, Tanya Sharma, Vishal Bhalla
15 Title: Photoproduction of Hydrogen by Vishakapatnam Photosynthetic Bacteria and their effect on different cultural conditions

Jahnavi Alwala1, M.P.Pratap Rudra*1, Ramchander Merugu2

Authors: Sejal Mathur & Saurabh Papadkar

16 Title: Pyramidal Algorithm for Image Sharpening & Edge Detection Using DWT-UM

Authors: Sakshi Setia & Mr. Sajjan Singh

17 Title: Software Testing

Authors: Varun Vashishtha, Tapodhan Singla & Sumeet Singh

18 Title: Speaker Identification using Mel-frequency Cepstrum Coefficient 104
Authors: Lalit G. Patil
20 Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Microspheres of Trigonal Selenium

Authors: Sr. Francisco Nirmala F.M.M & Dr. Joe Jesudurai

21 Title: The Effect of Salinity on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Chick Pea 113
Authors: Arshi Kausera & Dr. Ashok Kumarb
22 Title: Transient Control Techniques of Variable Speed Wind Turbine

Authors: Prof. Sushil Kumar

23 Title: Universal Multiplication Equation for Efficient and Faster Multiplication

Authors: Prasad J Shetty

24 Title: Use of Information and Communication Technology for Creative Learning

Authors: Dr. Shivakumar, G.S & T. Manichander

25 Title: Porosity, Permeability and Darcy’s Law

Authors: Dr.Vivek Parkash


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