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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-10_IJR_Part-4

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: 3D Model Conception Of Kolli Hill Using Geospatial Technologies Authors: Gurugnanam. B,  Kalaivanan. K, Bairavi. S, and Vinoth. M 1
2 Title: A Detailed Software Model AnalysisAuthors: Navya Anna Sunny, Nisha Yadav 7
3 Title: A Preliminary Report on Drinking and Household Water Quality in Al Qurayyat: A Case Study 11
Authors: Dr. Ahmed M. El-Naggar, Mr. Fahd S. Al-Anzi, Mr. Turkey A. Al-Khalaf, Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Anzi
4 Title: A Research In AC-AC/DC-DC DAB Based     Solid State Transformers 25
Authors: Vijayakrishna Satyamsetti
5 Title: A Study on Problem, Causes and Aids of Cold Start Performance on Internal Combustion Engine 32
Authors: Gourav Patel, LakhanPuri Goswami, Chandrashekhar Khadia, Prakash Kumar Sen, Shailendra Kumar Bohidar
6 Title: A Study on the Dielectric Properties of Organic Single Crystals 4-Methylanilinium Phenolsulfonate, 2-Amino-5-Nitro PyridiniumTrifluoroacetate and 2-Amino-4-Methylpyridinium Tartrate Monohydrate 37
Authors: J. V. Jovitaa, A. Ramanandb, P. Sagayarajb
7 Title: A Survey of TCP over Routing Protocols 42
Authors: Shailesh Kumar Patel, R.K.Gupta, Madhulika Sharma
8 Title: Assessment of Impact of Simulated Acid Rain on the Growth of Amaranthushybridus L. and Abelmoschusesculentus L. 53
Authors: Okon, Okon Godwin and Akpan, Gabriel Ukpong
9 Title: Distributed OperatingSystem- An OverviewAuthors: RashmiDewan, Nikita Pahuja, ShivangiKukreja 58
10 Title: Effect Of Loratadine On The Lateral Phoria Of Young Hyperopes 65
Authors: NwalaOnyinye R, AhuamaOkezie C, IkoroNwakaego C, Azuamah Young C
11 Title: Electron Beam Welding of Duplexer Steels 69
Authors: Leena Rani &NeetiPanchal
12 Title: Enhancement Of Heat Transfer Rate In Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger With   Helical Tapes 77
Authors: K Anand, V K Pravin, P H Veena,
13 Title:Genetic structure of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I gene of the mosquito,ArmigeressubalbatusAuthors: P. U. Bindu & C. D. Sebastian 89
14 Title:Gross morphological studies on the Spleen of Clouded leopardAuthors: P. J Doley, R. S Arya, P.C Kalita and A Kalita 94
15 Title:Heavy metal Concentrations inMeretrixcasta (bivalve) shells ofVellar Estuary, TamilNadu Coast, IndiaAuthors: Shoba. K and Senthil Kumar. G. R. 96
16 Title:Prevalence of Salmonella species in Clinical specimens and its antibiotic susceptibility profileAuthors: Nyong, Caroline, Abraham, Nsikak Andrew, Antai, OkonEffiong, Umana, SenyeneIdorenyin. 100
17 Title:Low Power Ripple Carry Adder Design UsingMtcmos TechniqueAuthors: S. Veereshwara Rao, K. Padmaja Devi, shafi Muhammad Nizamani, Samina Mastoi 111
18 Title:Roll of Satellite Data Identification of Groundwater Prospect Zones inBhanpura Area,Mandsaur District,Madhya Pradesh, India.Authors: Sonu Paliwal And Pramendra Dev 118
19 Title:Demographic Correlates Of Psychological Well-being Amongdolescents Of Kerala.Authors: Jeny. Rapheal, Varghese Paul K 125
20 Title:Theoretical Underpinnings Of TheNuclearisation Of The Asian Sub-ContinentAuthors: Ms. Priyamvada Mishra, Prof. Nisar Ul Haq 129
21 Title:A Novel Method of Dynamic Quick AutonomousReconfigurable Wireless Mesh NetworkAuthors: G.Bhavana1, Ch.Hymavathi, M.Atiya Mobeen and B.Devendra Naik 136
22 Title:Representating the Nation: A study ofChachaChaudhary Comic Book Series (1969-1990)Authors: Ranjeet Singh 140