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Tefera Asefa Moreda (MPMP)

Lecturer and Department Head, Public Administration and Development Management, collage of Business and Economics, Dilla University SNNPR

Email: teferaasefa@gmail.com


Program budget system is one of the results of the budget reform which is the part of public sector financial management reform initiatives. Different budgetary reform were undertaken in developed as well as developing counties, but most extensively in OECD countries. In the case of Ethiopia, program budgeting system was introduced recently under the expenditure management and control program (EMCP) which is one of the sub-programs of the public sector reform. This budgeting system was not as such applied and implemented in government institutions and levels. In Ethiopia, successful implementation of program budget system has been faced different challenges. Ethiopian government started the program budget without considering necessary condition for the successful implementation of the program. Important institution and institutional framework are under developed in Ethiopia. Despite some progress in introducing program budget at federal level, Ethiopia faced different challenges in successful implementation of the reform program. Lack of sufficient training to the public personnel, absence of basic infrastructures (IFMIS, accrual accounting system and new institutional set-up) which support the reform program are not yet developed and improved in Ethiopia