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This policy is for all the links from our sites for both in-bounds and out-bounds. Linking and backlnking with our website.





or others.

Free linking policy: cover

  1. This template legal document was produced and published by Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd.
  2. We control the copyright , and you may only use  in accordance with the licensing provisions in our terms and conditions. Those licensing provisions include an obligation to retain the dupedia Publications Pvt Ltd.
  3. The current version of our terms and conditions is available at: https://edupediapublications.org/our-policies 

Linking policy

  1. Introduction

1.1    We welcome links to our website made in accordance with the terms of this policy.

1.2    [This policy is intended to assist you when linking to our website.] OR [By using our website you agree to be bound by the provisions of this policy.]

  1. Links to our website

2.1    Links pointing to our website should not be misleading.

2.2    Appropriate link text should always be used in links pointing to our website.

2.3    From time to time we may update the URL structure of our website and, unless we agree in writing otherwise, all links should point to [URL(s)].  https://edupediapublications.org/ 

2.4    You must not use our logo to link to our website (or otherwise) without our express written permission.

2.5   You must not frame the content of our website or use any similar technology in relation to the content of the website.

3. Links from our website

3.1    Our website includes hyperlinks to other websites owned and operated by third parties; such hyperlinks are not recommendations.

3.2    We have no control over the contents of third party websites, and we accept no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.

4. Removal of links

4.1    You agree that, should we request the deletion of a link to our website that is within your control, you will delete the link promptly.

4.2    If you would like us to remove a link to your website that is included on this website, please contact us using the contact details below. Unless you have a legal right to demand removal, such removal will be at our discretion.

5. Variation

5.1    We may amend this policy at any time by publishing a new version on our website.

6. Our details

6.1.    This website is owned and operated by Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd.

6.2    Our principal place of business is at New Delhi, India.

6.3    You can contact us:

(a)    email to contact@edupediapublications.org

(b)    [using our website contact form];

(c)    [by telephone, on [the contact number published on our website from time to time]]; or

7. Reciprocal Links

Though any site is welcome to link to our site does not engage in reciprocal linking. These are public domain websites. There is no cost or special permission required to link to the sites.

8. Guidelines for linking to our site

You are welcome to put links on your web site pointing to the Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd web site. We request that you adopt the following guidelines for linking:

  • Links to Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd’s site should usually be to the home page, i.e. https://edupediapublications.org/ 
  • Linking to other parts of the site poses some risk, as the page or service to which you link may move or become unavailable.
  • Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd  logo and its variants are registered trade marks and subject to copyright. They may only be used by permission (see Republishing material from our site and our Copyright statement.)

9. What we do not allow

Under Indian and international law, the material on our web site, including all pages, graphics and services, is subject to copyright. You must not:
  • unlawfully use any of our copyright material; or
  • pass off content from our site as your own. This includes the practice of ‘Framing’ our site within another site as well as copying and re-using parts of the site.

10. Republishing material from our site

If you wish to republish any material from theEdupedia Publications Pvt Ltd site you must seek written permission, unless the material is marked otherwise.

10. Copyright

The content of Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is subject to copyright and all rights are reserved. No part of these publications may be reproduced, copied, stored, distributed or transmitted in any form, or by any means, including photocopying, scanning, or other mechanical or electronic methods without the prior written permission of Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd.

11. Who we link to

Generally speaking, links are restricted to kindred organisations, such as professional bodies, industry bodies, government and regulatory entities, organisations which nominated members to technical committees, other standardising organisations, and Australian overseas and international organisations which can be described as contributing to the world’s technical infrastructure. We generally don’t provide links to commercial sites.

Evaluation Criteria

Links must be consistent with sound public policy and support the mission of Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd and its programs.

If Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd has a formal relationship with organizations or businesses, Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd may link to their sites.  All participating partners in a business venture with Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd must be treated equally.

Links to commercial sites must avoid even the perception of favoritism or bias relative to other similar commercial sites.  If other sites exist which offer similar products, information, or services there must be a link to all sites or none.

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd regularly reviews the quality and usefulness of the sites it links to. However, Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd cannot be responsible for their content or privacy policies as noted in the Disclaimers of Endorsement below.

Websites that are separate from Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd but which are funded or supported in whole or in part by GSA are considered part of Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd’s overall web presence.  There are direct links from Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd to these sites without notification or disclaimer.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

The inclusion of links and pointers to websites is not intended to assign importance to those sites or to the information contained on those sites. It is also not intended to endorse or recommend any views expressed or products or services offered on these sites.

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information contained on a linked website.

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd does not endorse the organizations sponsoring linked websites, and does not endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer.

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd cannot authorize the use of copyrighted materials contained in linked websites. Visitors must request such authorization from the sponsor of the linked website.

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is not responsible for transmissions visitors receive from linked websites.

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd does not guarantee that outside websites.


Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd will not link to any website that exhibits hate, bias, or discrimination. Furthermore, Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd reserves the right to deny or remove any link that contains misleading information or unsubstantiated claims, or is determined to be in conflict with Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd’s mission or policies.

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