There are various aspects of the journal publication, and distribution and to make our authors and subscribers aware of the policies that we adopt will help foster better relations. These policies are liable to change if required and the same will be communicated through proper channel.

Hope you will find our policies beneficial for the larger good of the community.

√        Terms & Conditions

√        Privacy Policy

√        Delivery and Shipping Policy

√        Ethical Codes

√        Hyperlinking Policy

√        Legal, Copyright and Trademark Notice

√        Open Access Policy

√        Refund and Cancellation

√       Author’s Rights and Obligations

 Please Note for Our Policies

Anyone who has ever browsed the internet knows that many websites contain Privacy Policies. Although there currently is no law mandating the inclusion of Privacy Policies for internet sites, they are very important. Just as important in fact as your Terms and Conditions, Site Map and About Us pages.

Over the past few years, internet spam has become an annoying and progressive problem for many consumers. Because internet users are now concerned about having their personal information scattered about, the inclusion of a Privacy Policy on your website has become a very important factor. Internet users are now, more than ever, concerned about who sees their information and how their personal information may be used when they visit your site. They want to ensure that their identifying information will not be sold or used in any marketing efforts that they have not solicited personally.


Pen2Print respects the confidentiality of research. We receive unpublished manuscripts detailing groundbreaking research and ideas from the best researchers and universities around the world, and we understand the confidentiality risks associated with submitting unpublished work.

We adhere to a privacy policy that guarantees 100% confidentiality and allows researchers worldwide to submit their work to us with complete confidence.

IJR Journal is Multidisciplinary, high impact and indexed journal for research publication. IJR is a monthly journal for research publication.

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