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What are top 3 Colleges In Singapore

Singapore is a great place to choose as a student because of its many merits and amenities. It has a highly multicultural population, an exceedingly low crime rate, and was rated as having the highest quality of life when measured against other Asian countries. The fact that it is a well-planned garden city with plenty of beauty to admire simply adds to its appeal. 

Singapore is similarly very keen on educational institutions and its universities have countless times been ranked as some of the best in the world. Not to mention that in keeping with the ethos of the nation the emphasis is on development, embracing new research, and having a meritocracy. 

Here are three of the best colleges/universities in Singapore:-

1. National University Of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is the oldest established institute of higher education in the country and has consistently achieved a high ranking in the Asia Pacific region as well as in global ratings. It is predominately a research institute offering all levels of degrees from undergraduate to postgraduate. Students can study everything from medical sciences to law, arts, social sciences, and even music. For that reason, the alumni of the institute are remarkably diversified. 

The NUS enjoys #32 ranking in the global university rating system and students from many countries seek admission in its varied disciplines. In terms of research, it enjoys a good reputation as many books and research papers have been produced by the faculty and students over the years and it is at #18 and #38 position with regard to the former and the latter respectively. Students all over the world prefer to apply to NUS because it offers a full package in terms of extra-curricular from amazing on-campus living to various clubs and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

2. Nanyang Technological University 

Nanyang Technological University is just a step behind NUS and a wonderful option for anyone with a penchant and love for engineering as that is their main focal point among other disciplines. It has the coveted #3 position in Asia and also attracts a pool of brilliant foreign students. NTU is known for its interest and research in robotics, artificial intelligence, and all manner of virtual reality programs. It has produced top-notch researchers that have contributed to progress in these fields with more to come. 

It was only established in 1991 but due to its large volume of research produced it has climbed the ranks fairy quickly as a global university of much renown and a credit to the Singapore education system. The university is also closely aligned with the industry and its need particularly as they relate to aircraft engines and various elements of digital manufacturing. Not to mention NTU has and continues to have scores of collaborative projects with companies like Alibaba and Rolls-Royce. NTU is known for the wonderful utilization of available funding to make research labs, university buildings, and tons of other facilities. 

3. Singapore Management University 

Established in 2001, Singapore Management University has climbed the ranks in a short period of time and is known for its talent and emphasis on research-oriented learning and achievement. SMU is primarily concerned with the knowledge industry and producing graduates that are concerned with the global impact of businesses and entrepreneurship. Creativity and innovation are widely welcomed and students have the option to collaborate on various projects with other leading world universities and companies. 

SMU has a particular tilt towards global issues and solutions from everything from climate change and the renewable energy industry to the business community and how policies are drafted. They have a beautiful city campus with accessibility to all major city centers and offices as well as restaurants and other amenities. Students, in particular, find campus life very lively and exciting and are able to spend a great deal of time in the city exploring as well in their free time. 


Singapore has over the years established a fine and formidable reputation for academic excellence firstly in Asia but also in the world. Various global student assessments have found Singapore to be among the highest performers in terms of top-tier academic programs and graduates. The country has also managed to attract and retain some of the world’s best professors including Nobel Laureates and they have a pool of scholars and academics. 

Furthermore, the country has many multinationals that operate there to benefit from the talented pool of graduates that apply every year. Global companies like Facebook, Tencent, Dyson, and Twitter are just a few among the hundreds. 

Unable To Sleep? Try Our CBD Melatonin Gummies.

Unable To Sleep? Try Our CBD Melatonin Gummies.

Sleep is one of the necessities of life. A healthy being requires 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day. However, nowadays, a lot of people suffer from an unhygienic and poor sleep cycle. It is mainly due to sleep disorders such as insomnia or parasomnia. Keen to know the reason behind it? Most of us suffer from sleep problems because the modern lifestyle has metamorphosized to the extent that it disturbs our circadian rhythm. Deprivation of sleep for a prolonged time causes fatigue, dizziness, stress, loss of memory, headache, memory loss, hypertension, and many more severe health issues.

Intake of melatonin can maintain the circadian rhythm and also help you ease and relax. Let us dig deeper into how CBD Melatonin gummies work and restore a better sleeping experience.

What is Circadian Rhythm?

The internal natural process that nurtures our bodily changes and regulates our sleep-wake cycle is the Circadian rhythm or circadian cycle. This cycle works for the whole day, that is, 24 hours, thus, synchronizing our sleep schedule.

What is Melatonin?

The hormone secreted by the pineal gland situated on top of the middle brain is known as melatonin. Melatonin directs the body about when to sleep and when to wake up. It is the hormone responsible for maintaining the circadian rhythm we were talking about earlier. A question might arise: Why do we need to consume melatonin externally when our body produces it naturally?

The answer is simple. The busy modern lifestyle includes a lot of late-night meetings, traveling, and working shifts. The pineal gland releases Melatonin after sunset, that is, in the evening. It cannot work individually if you are already suffering from anxiety, depression, inflammation, or pain. This is where CBD kicks in.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, as popularly known as CBD, is a compound derived from the hemp plant, which belongs to the cannabis family. It is federally legal to consume CBD as it contains less than 0.3% THC. Several research studies have proven that CBD is effective in healing epilepsy, depression, anxiety, seizures, chronic pain, and long-term sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

With growing awareness, the demand for CBD is rising each day. New companies are coming up with different forms to make its availability and consumption easier. The therapeutic benefits of CBD can be utilized from oil, tinctures, cosmetics, edible items, gummies, topical creams, etc.

What are CBD Melatonin Gummies?

Gummies are a luscious and easy method of consuming CBD. CBD oil is mixed with melatonin to procure a gelatine-based edible product shaped like a pack of chewing gum. Other ingredients in the gummies include sweetening, coloring, and flavoring agents.

Chew the gummies in the evening to ensure melatonin hormone hike and indicate your body to sleep. CBD melatonin gummies are readily available online. If you want to purchase the best gummies at your home, scroll down through theCBDfx melatonin gummies for sleep web pages and determine which one is the best fit for you.

Advantages of CBD Melatonin Gummies:

The curative benefits of CBD mixed with the nourishment of melatonin might be the remedy to your sleep problems. There are several advantages of consuming CBD Melatonin Gummies.

  • The gummies are available in different flavors of your choice. 
  • It is the simplest way of consuming CBD and Melatonin. You do not require any preparation or experience to consume it. Just open the jar and munch on a gummy.
  • As discussed, melatonin rules the circadian cycle to ensure normality.
  • It works for anxiety and pain simultaneously.
  • Gummies are composed of CBD; they might help you remain calm and reduce anxiety.
  • Both CBD and Melatonin works to maintain healthy sleep without reacting with your nerves or making you “High”.
  • The gummies are free of THC; that is, they are non-addictive and legal for human consumption.

Side effects of CBD Melatonin Gummies:

The common side effects of CBD include:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness

If you manifest any of these side effects, do consult your doctor.

How long do gummies take to react?

Gummies take a longer time to react to users who are just beginning to consume them. It may take up to 20 minutes before it kicks in. However, for regular users, the gummies show their effects within 60 to 90 seconds of consumption.

Though the gummies take longer to show its effects, it usually lasts longer than the other products. The time gummies shall be effective depends on the dosage and type of the product.

Make sure it works for you.

Many people complain that the gummies are either ineffective or do not manifest any benefits after consumption. Gummies might take longer than any other form of CBD that as vaping or CBD oil to show its effects. But to ensure that the product is genuine, follow the listed tips:

  • Buy premium products from licensed and authorized sources.
  • Consult your doctor and abide by the recommended dose
  • If you are trying it on your own, gradually take a higher dose to locate the exact spot where the gummies hit.

Select the Right product

Simply putting together, CBD is available in three forms – full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD. Gummies are available in both broad-spectrum and full spectrum. If you don’t worry about a small amount of THC in your product, then you might consider consuming full-spectrum gummies. Additionally, the consumption of less than 0.3% THC has been accredited by federal laws.

However, if you want a non-addictive gummy with all the therapeutic benefits of Plain Jane CBD and melatonin, try out broad-spectrum CBD melatonin gummies.

What is the exact dose to ensure sleep?

Doctors advise starting with a lower dose of CBD. Remember, gummies take time to react with your body but last longer than oils and vapes.

As the concentrations are mentioned on the product label, make sure you consume the advised dosage.

Colorful assortment of molded gummies Colorful gelatin gummies heart and crown shaped. cbd gummies stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


These are a few things you must to know before consuming CBD gummies. However, before approaching to add CBD to your regular lifestyle, check out your country’s laws. Several states do not approve the usage of CBD products. Hope you have a night of wonderful sleep!

Benefits of Jewelry Appraisal

It is always a good idea to have your jewelry appraised especially if it’s an expensive piece and the sooner you do it the better. This is however different if the jewelry came with its own appraisal. Jewelry appraisal is an unbiased professional assessment of your jewelry’s value. The appraiser will come up with a specific figure depending on the condition, material used, the setting, gemstones if any and their characteristics. Benefits of having an appraisal are numerous, they include;

Photo by Farddin Protik on


If you have a high value jewelry, you definitely need to take an insurance policy for it. This will protect you in case it gets lost or stolen. Your insurance company will need an appraisal from a reliable appraiser so as to get its value and premiums. The insurance company will also require you to have an updated appraisal from time to time depending on their policy.

Detailed information

When an appraisal is done, a detailed description of the jewelry is usually done. You will be given the written document that contains all the intricate information pertaining to your piece. The appraisal will also describe how the process of valuation was arrived at. This will come in handy in identifying your piece should it get lost and found.

Knowledge is power

You don’t need to have your jewelry appraised only when selling it. It can be done just so you have knowledge on what exactly you have. This information is important for you and you will better understand its value, origin and unique characteristics.

Better deal

A genuine appraisal is important when you decide to sell your piece of jewelry that you probably don’t wear anymore. You will need to have an unbiased valuation in order to get the correct and current value for your piece. With this information, you are in a position to cut the best deal since you know the value of your jewelry. The valuation of pieces with rare stones or gems like diamond will be higher than the common ones. 

Peace of mind

After purchasing that shiny ring with a huge stone on it, it is normal to want a second opinion on its quality and market price. You will be at peace knowing you were not duped and its value is close to what you paid for it.

Updated assessment

Over time, your jewelry with prolonged use may suffer some form of damage. The stones and clasps may become loose without your knowledge. By getting them appraised, such damages will be brought to your attention hence mitigating further damages and appropriate repairs done. An updated assessment will also provide you with an estimation of the current market valuation of your jewelry. This should be done every five years to keep up with the roller-coaster value on different gemstones, gold and diamond. 

Now that you are aware of the importance of having your jewelry appraised, you can have it done but with by a jeweler that you trust. They should have the necessary credentials and certified by a recognized authority. You can also your jewelry appraised at the store that you bought it from. Be sure to ask if they offer such services and if not then you can have it done elsewhere. Bottom line is, having your jewelry appraised is recommended and you will be glad you did it.

Education Financing Options For Masters in Ireland

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Including the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, Ireland too has been achieving praise and acclaim as the top-notch study destination for STEM Masters for international students. Data also give credence to this statement as the number of international students in Ireland is expected to reach 176,500 in 2020, according to a report released on Saturday, July 04.

Number of Indian students seem to rise:

The number of students from India opting for Ireland for a master’s degree in the coming years shall soar sky high as the two-year stay back graduate visa rules seem to attract the interest of many, 

The cost of MS in Ireland:

Irish colleges have gained maximum popularity in recent times for MS courses. It is now time to take a quick peek at the cost of education in the country. The education for full-time, one-year Masters in Science for the top five colleges in Ireland are mentioned here below:

  • € 23,252 – Trinity College Dublin
  • € 24800 – University College Dublin
  • €17,750 – National University of Ireland, Galway
  • €18,000 – University College of Cork
  • €17,000 – Dublin City University

Approximately €7,000-17,000 annually depending on the type of area you choose. The cost of living must be calculated along with the tuition fees.

Education Loan Options for MS in Ireland:

Funding an aspirant’s education in Ireland seems much easier when equated to other destinations globally. The sum to which the standard course fee and cost of accommodation however adds to a concrete amount. Education loans and Irish scholarships work wonders and are highly recommended to aid the cost and course in Ireland.

A feather in your hat would be to fund education that covers your program fee and other miscellaneous expenses. The options for educational loans for Ireland offer two beneficial alternatives:

  1.  Loan Without a Collateral
  2.  Loan with a Collateral

Opting for an education loan without collateral proves beneficial for the student who does not have a financial asset to pledge as collateral against the loan. Please remember while public and private banks only offer unsecured loans for up to INR 7.5 lakhs. NBFCs have a much higher amount to offer which makes them more appropriate for a without collateral loan for Ireland.

Education Loan Without Collateral:

  • Repayment Period: In the case of NBFC’s, the repayment duration is 10 years. Moreover, the student has the flexibility of customizing their loan that best suits their needs.
  • Processing Time: The time for loan processing through NBFC’s is hardly 4-5 days. Most NBFC help accelerate the process by permitting you to upload documents online.
  • Costs covered: 100% of the total expenditures for education loans are covered by NBFC for masters in Ireland.
  • Income proof of Co-applicant: The co-applicant’s monthly income must be 30k or more. This also depends on the loan amount. With NBFC’s around 50% of the co-applicant’s earnings should be sufficient to withstand the interest on a monthly basis.
  • CIBIL Score: If the co-applicant has a poor CIBIL rating low income the NBFC might not consider the education loan. In such a scenario consulting a professional counselor who can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your profile is advised. The counselor then takes suitable measures and coordinates with the lender first and is most likely to sanction the loan. 
  • List of Documents: Academic records, admission proof from the university in Ireland. Documents of valid income and KYC documents of the student and the co-applicant.

Make sure to get a standard list of documents from the lender beforehand. This helps gear up and expedites the procedure resulting in almost negligible chances of loan rejection.

Options for Education Loan with Collateral in Ireland:

This option certainly offers a higher loan amount. The simplest reason being the security the student provides the bank against non-repayment. Collateral can be a possession or a financial asset. These are also known as secured education loans, and the interest rates are much lower.

Education Loan for MS – With Collateral:                           

  • Repayment Period: In the case of NBFC’s, the repayment duration is 15-20 years. Public banks also offer repayment tenure up to 15 years.
  • Processing Time: Public banks might take around 13-15 working days whereas private banks would take a couple of days less. NBFC’s take the lead with a quick processing time of 7-8 working days.
  • Costs covered: 90-100% of the total expenses are covered by the public banks, depending on the bank. Private banks would offer around 80-85% of the total cost and NBFC would vouch for 100% education loans for MS in Ireland.
  • CIBIL Score: Incomplete documents or a low CIBIL score can be the ruling factors of the loan decline by any lender be it a public or private bank or an NBFC.
  • List of Documents: Relevant academic records, admission proof from the university in Ireland. KYC documents of the aspirant and the co-applicant. Documents supporting ownership of property etc.

Preferred Education loan for Ireland:

On average the most opted for a loan is a secured loan and is the best option for an education loan for MS in Ireland since the interest rate is considerably low. 

But for those who are unable to pledge security for a secured loan then NBFC’s offer lower processing fees than banks and can be approached.

Start early! As soon as the letter of admission is received, the loan application procedure must commence.

‌‌Best Education Loan for Ireland:

Consider the following while opting for a loan

  • Rate of interest
  • Processing Time and charges
  • Overheads
  • Moratorium 
  • Tax Assistance
  • Loan tenure 
  • Expenditures Covered
  • Payment terms and conditions

For better consultation, you can get in touch with education loan counselors. They go through your financial profile with a fine-tooth comb and evaluate which lender fits you the best!

How to Move From NYC to Chicago?

NYC is the best place to live because here, you can get everything you need. Unfortunately, NYC is the most expensive city to live so you might want to move to Chicago due to this reason. But the good news is Chicago will also not disappoint you. Many moving companies can help you make your move from NYC to Chicago stress-free. 

Moving to Chicago is a good decision, and you won’t regret it. This city offers many large amenities so you can enjoy a better life quality. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore how to move from NYC to Chicago. 

Tips for Moving From NYC to Chicago

The distance between NYC and Chicago is about 899 miles. So, when you decide to move, start your packing. When you start early, you can do the task quickly. 

  1. Declutter, Organize, and Pack

Moving from NYC to Chicago is a big decision, and you’ll have to reduce your belongings to get the move done cheaply. So, how can you make your move cheap? First of all, get rid of all the items that are no longer in use. You can sell them or donate them to get some money. You can declutter furniture or unwanted clothes by selling them online. 

Now, you’ll be left with only the essential items. So, now you need to organize items room-wise. Purchase the moving supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap, and padding or foam. Don’t forget to get one or two ziplock bags to secure cables. 

Start packing room-wise and label boxes according to the number of rooms. Firstly, pack those items that you don’t need in your existing home. Pack the daily needed items at the end. Pack delicate items carefully and secure them to avoid damage. The more time you spend on packing, the safer your items will be. 

  1. Hire Movers

Long-distance moves are not easy, so we would never suggest doing it yourself. They’ll pack items and then perform the loading and unloading tasks. Moreover, they’re professionally trained, so they know how to deal with heavy and delicate items. 

You need to get quotes from multiple companies to find the best one. For a long-distance move, the best option is to hire full-service movers. It will save you from injuries. Finally, ensure that the company will be at your door on a moving day right on time. Finally, ensure that the company is insured so that you get your money if something gets damaged. 

  1. Book Your Movers Early

When you decide to move, start meeting with moving companies. Ask them to visit your home to provide you cost estimates. Ask all the questions that you have in mind. If you want to make your move cheap, avoid moving during holidays. Move during the off-season to make your move cheap. 

Find a company that offers affordable rates for long-distance moves. On the other hand, if you want to do everything yourself, ensure that you arrange the workforce and moving truck early. When you do it last minute, it will lead you to wrong decisions. 

  1. Utilities

When you want to relocate:

  • Let your landlord know at least one month before the moving date. 
  • Disconnect your all the utilities and change your postal address so that you can get your mails on the new address. 
  • Get booking for utilities at a new location. 

It will make things easier for you. 

  1. Get Back to Routine

After reaching your new home, it will take time to adjust and get back to routine. So, be patient and let your kids and pets get used to the new conditions, neighborhood, schools, and parks. Take your kids on a drive to familiarize them with the streets. Enjoy your time in Chicago. 

Benefits of Moving to Chicago from NYC

  • Chicago has a lower cost of living as compared to NYC. 
  • Public transport is smooth and cheap in Chicago, and residents can move through all regions of the city. 
  • The job market in Chicago is strong, and you can get multiple job opportunities in shipping, warehousing, and Railroad. 
  • Chicago has awe-inspiring and worth-watching scenery. The city has an excellent skyline, beautiful green space, and open-air views. 
  • It is a good place for higher education. So, you’ll not have to worry about the education of your kids. 
  • There are unlimited entertainment opportunities. So, when you get back from work, you can find opportunities according to your interest. 

Final Words

Moving from NYC to Chicago is a big decision, but thankfully you wouldn’t regret it. There are plenty of benefits of moving from NYC to Chicago, and some are listed above. Finally, follow the tips mentioned above and make your move from NYC to Chicago cheap and worthy. 

Call for Papers – Hindi peer reviewed journal

प्रिय साथियों,

साहित्य संहिता’ शोध जॉर्नल हेतु आपके सहयोग के लिए आपका हार्दिक धन्यवाद। आशा है कि ये संबंध आगे भी प्रगति के पथ पर अग्रसर रहेंगे। आगामी अंक हेतु आप सबके सक्रिय सहयोग की पुनः आकांक्षा है। आप सभी से एक महत्वपूर्ण अनुरोध है कि आप अपने शोध प्रपत्र निम्न प्रारूप के तहत ही प्रस्तुत करें जिससे कि हमें तकनीकी जटिलताओं का सामना न करना पड़े –

1. प्रकाशन हेतु शोध प्रपत्र की मौलिकता का सत्यापन

2. शोध प्रपत्र एम.एस. ऑफिस में टाइप होना चाहिए

3. फोंट – कृतिदेव 10, मंगल यूनिकोड

4. फोंट आकार (सामान्य) – मुख्य शीर्षक 16, उप शीर्षक 14, आलेख पाठ 12

5. पंक्ति अंतराल 1.5

6. Send papers for publication to

Bikaner – Rajasthan’s hidden jewel to discover!

A lesser-known cultural paradise and traveler’s haven, Bikaner a city that will hold you captivating in its forts, mesmerize you with its scenic beauty, and astound you with its glorious past. With extremely captivating places to visit in Bikaner, the city will take you back to the time of the earlier ruling dynasty. Planning a family excursion to the city by choosing the best Bikaner Cabsfrom any part of Rajasthan or India can make your journey happening. The city is easily accessible by air, rail, or road, and this makes it easier to plan a trip.

When you should plan a holiday in Bikaner?

Being a part of a desert state, Bikaner deals with the scorching heat of summers which are somewhat unbearable for travelers. Thus, it is recommended to visit Bikaner during the months of October to March when the winter season brings a pleasant climate to the city. Bikaner’s annual Camel Festival held in the month of January is another important attraction for travelers.

Places to see in Bikaner –

Traveling to the camel country of India, Bikaner gives you an insight into the grandeur of the city’s early kingdom and its architectural excellence. Here are listed a few of the best places to visit in Bikaner Sightseeing for enjoying the most of your journey.

Junagarh Fort –

An unconquered fortress that still stands tall with pride and narrates interesting tales of glorifying past, Junagarh Fort is one of the charming places of attraction in the city. The unique blend of Mughal and Gujarati style of architecture makes this fort one of its kind. Its pleasing beauty and picturesque surroundings offer photographers a great option to capture in cameras. Inside the fort, you can visit Royal Chapel, Public Hall, Anup Mahal, Chandra Mahal, and Fort Museum.

Lalgarh Palace –

Impressive edifice with beautiful red sandstone structure is Lalgarh palace in Bikaner that highlights the blend of Rajput, Mughal, and European architectural style. This place has the true spirit of Rajasthan’s royal lifestyle. It was commissioned by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the memory of his father Maharaja Lal Singh between 1902 & 1926 and later converted as Lalgarh Palace Hotel. Places of attraction here are Sadul Museum, Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, and Lalgarh Palace Hotel.

Laxmi Niwas Palace –

A former residence of Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner, Laxmi Niwas Palace created this marvelous architecture during 1898 & 1902. The palace is comprised of an Indo Saracenic style by the British architect Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob. Its graceful red sandstone structure makes it the most attractive place in Bikaner. It is now converted into a hotel where you can book a stay for relaxing Bikaner Tours.

Rampuria Haveli –

Bikaner is widely famous for its magnanimous Havelis and grand houses that have been made with intricate carvings and jharokhas. It gives you a reminiscence of palaces themselves. Rampuria Havelis were designed by the rich Bikaner merchants. Taking a stroll in the lanes of this Haveli will teleport you to hundreds of years back.

Gajner Palace & Wildlife Reserve –

Settled on the banks of Gajner Lake, Gajner Palace is truly an architectural marvel for visitors. The impressive red sandstone structure is situated in dense forest areas and one can spot many migratory birds around the area. The stunning architectural design is among the most amazing places to visit in Bikaner for a wonderful weekend getaway.

Ganga Singh Museum –

Amongst the most famous tourist place to visit in Bikaner, Ganga Singh Museum is famous for holding the belongings of the Indus Civilization and the Gupta Dynasty. It is a paradise for Archaeological and historic buffs. Besides, there are some amazing works of pottery, painting, terracotta artwork that will give a peak to the rich Indian heritage and culture on Bikaner Tour Packages.

Prachina Museum –

Around 2000 years back, Prachina Museum came into existence and was built by the daughter of Maharaja Narendra Singhji – Siddhi Kumari. The museum displays a great collection of royal apparel, perfumes, textiles, artwork, accessories, and unique artefacts to include the portraits of Maharajas. This museum gives a sneak peek into the rich lifestyle and age-old culture of the city.

Moreover, if you have extra time to explore more, then visit top religious places. Some of the best holy shrines to visit in Bikaner are Jain Temple Bhandasar, Shri Laxminath Temple, Karni Mata Temple, Kodamdesar Temple, Ratan Bihari Temple, and Shiv Bari Temple. These would surely upgrade your overall travel experience in the city. 

Hire a Taxi From Bikaner to Jaipur with Rajasthan Cab for planning a sightseeing tour, outstation tour, or weekend getaway. We have a wide range of taxis, cars, or cabs, to choose from according to your interests and comfort. So, whenever you plan your Bikaner trip, consider a Taxi rental service with a professional driver with us.

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About the Author – Kiran Deep Sandhu is the author of “Bikaner – Rajasthan’s hidden jewel to discover”. I am content writer having a major interest in traveling around. I have written many articles for different places and now here’s with this special blog of my favorite place Bikaner in Rajasthan. I hope you like it!

Understanding Proportions with the help of Ratio

Ratios and proportions are widely known concepts. We have to deal with them on daily basis. Which makes is very essential to learn them properly. 

In math, both of these concepts are greatly related to fractions. It is because the ratio is fundamentally a fraction. And proportion is the comparison of two fractions. 

It is no wonder if you are vaguely familiar with ratios. For example, you would have come across situations where the ratio of one group is higher than the other.

Similarly, you might have an idea about proportions already. For instance, you know that a motorcycle is faster than a bicycle in the same way a sports car is faster than a normal car.

In this blog post, we will discuss ratios and propositions with examples, so that by the end of this post you will have no confusion. 

Definition – Ratios

A ratio compares the quantity of one kind to the quantity of another kind. For ratios to exist, the quantities should have the same units. 

Ratios are represented as:

a : b

The symbols of both slash (/) and colon (:) are used to represent a ratio. The first value, here a, is known as antecedent. The second value, b in this case, is called the consequent.

How many types of Ratios are there?

There are two types of ratio.

Compound Ratio

For two or more ratios, if we take antecedent as product of antecedents of the ratios and consequent as product of consequents of the ratios, then the ratio thus formed is called mixed or compound ratio. As, compound ratio of m : n and p :  q is mp : nq.

Duplicate Ratio

Duplicate ratio is the ratio of two equal ratios. For example, the duplicate ratio of the ratio x : y is the ratio x2 : y2.

Definition – Proportions

A proportion compares two ratios. Through a proportion, we get to know that in two ratios a : b and c : d, a is related to b in the same way as c is related to d. 

The proportion of two ratios is represented as:

a : b : :c :d  

The double semicolon (::) or equal to (=) tells that the two ratios mentioned are in equal proportion. The values a and d are known as extremes and the values b and c are known as means.

In a proportion “a : b :: c : d”

  • The mean between b and c is 
  • c is third proportional to a and b.
  • is fourth proportional to ab and c.

In a ratio, one quantity is compared in terms of “times” with the other quantity. This means if A and B are in a ratio of 3:1, then A is 3 times the quantity of B.  

A proportion tells a person that two ratios in proportion increase or decrease in a similar way. 

We can see this in an example. Previously we discussed that in a cake recipe, flour is two times the quantity of oil. This recipe is to make a one-pound cake. 

To make a 2-pound cake, increase the quantity of both in the same way, we will multiply two on both sides.

= 2 x 2 : 2 x 1

= 4 : 2

This ratio is in proportion to our previous ratio 2:1. It can be written as 

2 : 1 :: 4 : 2

How to solve ratios?

It will be easy to calculate ratios with the help of an example.


In a fruit basket, there are 15 fruits. Out of these 15 fruits, 6 are bananas and 3 are apples. Find the ratio of 

  • Bananas to rest of the fruits
  • Apples to total fruits
  • Apples to bananas


For Bananas:

To find in which ratio bananas are present in the fruit basket, we will have to subtract bananas from the total number of fruits. It is a “part to part” ratio.

Total number of bananas = 6

Total fruits in the basket   = 15

Fruits – bananas = 15 – 6 = 9

This means there are 9 more fruits in the basket. The ratio of bananas to the rest of the fruits is:

6 : 9

After dividing by 3: 

2 : 3

For apples to the total fruits.

We will not need to subtract no. of apples from no. of fruits in this part. This is because we have to find the “part to the whole” ratio.

No. of apples = 3

No. of total fruits = 15       

The ratio is:

3 : 15            

After simplifying,

1 : 5

Apples to bananas

It is also a “part to part” ratio. 

No. of apples = 3

No. of bananas = 6

The ratio is,

3 : 6


1 : 2

A proportion can be formed by multiplying or dividing the ratio by the same number on both sides. After that writing the new ratio in proportion (with double semicolon i.e ::) the old ratio.

We usually determine whether a proportion exists or not. We can prove this in 3 ways. Let’s see how to do that with the help of an example.


Prove that the ratios 4:8 and 2:4 are in proportion.


Write both ratios in proportion.

4 : 8 :: 2 : 4

Simplify both ratios by dividing with the common numbers. We get,

 2 : 4 :: 1 : 2

By simplifying more, we get,

1 : 2 :: 1 : 2

As we know, if both ratios are equal, proportion exists between both of them.

Write the ratios in the fraction form and cross multiply the fractions.

½ = ½ 

2 = 2 

Both sides are the same. Hence, the proportion is true.

Solve the fractions for decimal numbers.

4/8 = ½ = 0.5

2/4 = ½ = 0.5

Both of the decimal values are the identical which means that the proportion exists between these two ratios.

Under this heading, we will solve the problems related to ratios and proportions. Proportion calculator could be very handy in case you are looking to solve the proportions.

  1. 1.    There are two buckets of water. In the first bucket we mix oil into the water in a ratio of 5:8. In the second bucket, we mix another fluid in a ratio of 3:5. Which ratio is bigger?


Step 1: Solve fractions and convert them into decimal values.

5:8 = 5/8 = 0.625

4:5 = 4/5 = 0.6

Step 2: Compare both values.

 As 0.625 > 0.6, so the ratio 5:8 is greater than 4:5.

  • 2.    Find x in proportion, 2 : x : : 20 : 50.


Step 1: Convert the ratio in fractions and solve them to find the variable x.

 2 × 50 = 20x

100 = 20x

x = 100/20

x = 5

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