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Softskills is a personal attribute that enables a person to interact effectivly and harmoniously with other people. There  are many types of soft skills which everyone need to improve. For example leadershipskills, communication skills, problem solving skills, etc.,

Agenda is how to crack an interview? Which everyone wants to know especially for under graduate. So here are some tips amd and tricks which will help you crack an interview.

What is that one thing which decides your first impression in an interveiw ?…

Firstly we need to create a good impression(which is also known as first impression) on the interviewer. You will never get a second chance to create a first impression. Your first inpression would be RESUME. How the resume should look like? It should of 1-2 page long with your experience, we should keep colour copy with photograph(not the adhaar card photograph hahaa.) it should contain all objectives, qualification, strength and accomplishments. Your contact information is the most importante part of resume, functional CV is most preferred by organisations. Before the interveiw we need to research on the information of the company and organisation. And what competencies they are looking for, format of the interveiw and selection process. If its a tele interveiw ask question from them so that they can see your interest.

Here comes the main part of interview! How to handle the questions?

1Q. Tell me about your self?..

You should start like this “thank you for giving me opportunity for introducing myself” and then, My name is so and so I have completed my studies from so and so college, say about your hobbies and your goals and strength and you should end like “that’s all about me sir/madam. Thank you sir/madam.”

 2Q. Why should we hire you?…

You should be honest to the interviewer “As a fresher, I am eager to work hard to prove myself in company and when I will join here then I will give my best efforts andmy knowledge and efforts definitely will raise the company to a good position. I believe that the learning never ends, keep learning.” No need to answer the same, you may add more. You can answer from your point of view.

3Q. Talk about your strength …

(i)Talk about the essentials(the basic about you).

(ii) The past + present(your past experiences and what you’ve been up to lately).

(iii) The future(your long term career goals).

(iv) The company ‘fit’ (why  you’d be great for that company + why you’re intrested)

This is all you need to talk about your self.

4Q. Are you planning for further more studies…?

Say as you are willing to do if you want to go for further studies then honeslty keep you answers before them that yes I am planning for furthermore studies. And if you are not planning say them that you are not planning!

5Q. What do you know about this company.?

You should speak about the awards, achievements, upadtes of the company. Also the work the company does to bulid there name and fame. This all will be enough to say about the company.   

I hope this will help you get a quick idea about an interview.

My friend had written this, So I would like to give her the credits. Thank you Hemakshi : )

Judgemental mentality!!

As a person you will be knowing that judging is the primary behaviour of a person. The one who gets judged by others also will be the one judging others. We are so much into this behaviour that we started enjoying it, and slowly it turned into bullying. We as a part of being judged know how that feels but despite of that we judge others. What more a person can go through. Some has strong mind, they don’t bother giving a damn about others. On the other side there are some people who are so much afraid of being judged that as a result they start to live according to others to please them, this category even involve me! Speaking frankly I am a coward and I myself is afraid of being judged by others and always bothering about what they are thinking about me, have I did something wrong, blah blah. Even while writing this I am thinking that using such words will be alright, will it offend others. But we have to stop right here, right now.

Seeing as a part of a person who is being judged by others, let me tell you..How many peoples mouth you will shut!? We cannot reach out to every person and ask them to shut their mouth. There are people who will start harassing you! But you can do a simple task and that is not giving any consideration to them. People are suffering through this behaviour from a very early period. Talking about the era where lord Ram was born. Even lord Ram has suffered through the judgment, as he overheard people talking about Sita mata being impure and as a result Sita mata has to give ‘Agni pariksha’ but this didn’t satisfied others and as a testimony of her purity she returns to the womb of her mother, the Earth. So, don’t let others unnecessary thoughts bother you.

Seeing as a part of person who is judging others then as I said that this is a primary behaviour of a person, then one cannot stop oneself to stop judging others. We cannot go to each and every person to know what they’re going through or what situation they are struggling in. We have to come upto a conclusion. Let me tell you by giving an example, suppose you are watching a suspensive movie and someone stops you to watch the climax and asks you to watch it the other day or say that a situation arise where you cannot make upto the climax then what you will do? Yes you start assuming, you start making conclusions on your own, you have your own scenarios. This is how a persons brain is developed. And you are helpless until you seriously wants to change!!

Even the lord has to suffer from the judgment back then, then what are we! We have to suffer through this ordinary stuff but one thing we can do is ignore these all things and mind our own business! Minding our own business will not let you bother about others even as judging others or being judged by others. But don’t get mistaken between being judged and being bullied. If this happens then you must stand and report. This surely is a crime making others suffer through trauma and depression.

PS:- If you read until now then let me know about your opinions. No, this is not the ninja technique to increase comments ; ) I want to know that people made it upto the ending.

Free time- ‘Qualifying’

Its 3 months of being quarantined at home. And don’t know how long it will take to normalise the situation. So everyone would be asking what productive you are doing being at home!? Yes we are getting a lot free time and in that case instead of absurdly wasting it, we should do something that will add to our personality. And to be honest this pandemic made me realise that I have no good hobbies so that working on them I may get perfection in them:/ But we should not get diasppointed as we have many more sources through which we can try our luck on. Trying things doesn’t mean only related to the academics. You should try things even for fun because this time will never come back so as much as making it productive, make it joyous as well! On the top of, you can learn so many things online being at home so trying different things will only add on more to your personality.

Here’s a list that we can do in this no vacation holidays!!

1) Blogging:- Yes you can start writing a blog on your own. Blogging helps write on the particular topic you are interested in. And being alone bored at home having depression or suicidal thoughts, then you should definitely try writing you’ll feel relaxed and it will be same as people are listening to you!

2) Painting/sketching:- This is the right time where you can relive your adolescence, childhood. You can sketch, paint, draw according to your interest. Don’t try to bring perfection, just try and check you skills. Atleast for fun.

3) Meditation:- I know it will not be called a hobby but make it a part of your hobbies. Meditating just 30 seconds, yes its only a matter of 30 seconds. Start with really less time and slowy increase it second by second. Thanking and being grateful for everything you have now even in this hard time.

4) Online courses:- Join an online course and start practicing it. We are having many online courses available for free that can add up to our skills.

5) Dance:- Even when you are a bad dancer you should dance for a while. Its a best stress booster. You will be overwhelmed and will feel energetic and joyous. You don’t have to have good professional steps. Dance as you like to dance..choose the basic steps, silly steps but you should dance atleast for 2 minutes. Even ask your family members to accompany you.

6) Singing:- Is it too much that am asking you? Never mind; ) those who are bathroom singers don’t restrict yourself to that area, sing infront of your parents. They will be satisfied that the kid is not pinning into the phone.

7) Watching good movie:- Watching good movies, web series and shows with your family will stronger your bond between your families, and try to watch comedy movies more. This time is of living with less stress.

8) Cooking:- Mostly people are stuck to this one hobby which is good. This is the best thing one can do and being a foodie and as well being a good cook(chef) will make you do wonders in cooking. Try on tasty food items at home and let your parents know your magic in cooking.

9) Share market:- This is a good time to know about the position of the market. On going pandemic has brought a drastic decline in the market. So, investing time in this may get you knowledgeable in this field. ‘First learn and then earn.’ Not a part of your hobby but may add more to your knowledge.

10) Reading:- Make reading as your habit. Reading is a basic part of our life. Reading will help you open up various ideas, will broaden your point of view and change the scenario.

Try on some of these and try to make it a part of your daily routine. This will change your perspective and you will feel positive.

Mental health is wealth!

Speaking about mental health then this is the worst virus, bacteria or desease one gets hit. Its you who is becoming a virus to oneself. Each and everyone out their are struggling an unknown battle we would never know about, but irrespective of that judging has become the primary behaviour of every person out there! We will never know what a person is struggling about even if they have the smiling face that looks normal to us, they may be struggling a serious battle which may look trivial to us but is a lot for them. When one reach out to us so that we can help them then no matter what atleast should listen to them. We might unable to give solution but if we assure that we are with them then this gives strength to that person. A listening ear can save a struggling heart. One should lend ears to the burdened heart. And if we can’t help then the least you can do is not to judge!! “You are non to judge someone.”

When you believe that there is no one who would listen up to you then you should try writing. Writing helps a lot, when we fail to reach out then writing will definitely help, and without judging it will listen to your problems, and the battle you are going through. Atleast anonymously write it down on the ‘Quora app'(Not promoting the app) don’t keep it to yourself their are people who will listen to you and will definitely respond. This will really help people pass the struggling time they are going through. Don’t just give hope to them that you will be there when needed and can’t actually help when the time actually came. Later you can do is just feel guilty for not responding to that person. Life is really short, and one has to go through ups and downs so don’t only show up at their ups but do reach out to their low live as well. This is the bestest therapy a person can get during depression. Just a listening year and a live is saved!

Depression is that deadly virus which will not show the symptoms to others and will kill you inside until you are speaking about it to someone. Its not that depression only hits to the middle class or poor. Even when you have everything it may hit you and will eat you from inside without letting anyone know. And the solution is simple and free of cost that you should talk to others what you are going through, don’t take it as a favor, you may return it back when they are in need by listening to their sort of story. Give and take- listen and save is what everyone should think off and help each other out.


Rest in peace ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’.

Hardwork vs smart work.

When asked how would you respond that how you are living your life? Are you working hard or working smart? Well individuals has different answers to the very same question. But the probability would be either working hard or smart! Some has to work hard just to have their two time meals and some has enough for their coming generations. The matter of work. Yes, how you are working is what you are receiving! Let me tell you this generation is of working smartly. Everyone wants to work in simpler ways and earn as much as they can but all they do is just end up in complexity. Everyone thinks that they are giving their 100% but are receiving less comparatively. Labour’s work hard and are struggling for living that is the example for hard work, Whereas some people invests in share market and earn unexpectedly higher returns.

Now don’t get confused in smart work and short cut, both are way different. Investing in shares and stock market can be called smart work, on the other hand gambling or investing in lotteries are an example of short cut which always will not work!

Hard work is a matter of physically working at the span of 10 to 12 hours a day whereas smart work is of working mentally by spending 6 to 7 hours a day. People are working hard, they are doing the regular work in the basic manner without giving it a second thought that it can be changed, where as others after using their ideas, they innovate or renovate complicated things into simpler form making it more useful than before and that is what called smart work. As an example Phone was invented but that was landline had no facilities except mic and speaker(speaking and listening) they can’t be moved from one place to another easily and had long wires connected to it making it more difficult, now we have smart phones/ mobile phones which has as many facilities as we wish and has the access to mobility. This is what smart work is! So, the point is that you should not work hard you should work smart! Hard work pays off but smart work will pay you sooner!

How mind tricks us.

Speaking biologically, our brain contains cerebrum, cerebellum, and the mid brain. But technically speaking then we have two brains conscious and subconscious. Conscious mind plays its role when we are sober and sane. Yes the part of the day when we are awake is done by the conscious mind and rest other part is in the hands of subconscious mind. And let me tell you conscious mind plays only 5% of its part rest part is handled by the subconscious mind ie., 95%. The dreams we see are a part of our subconscious mind, Because consciously we are living the life. Imagination, Visulaization are all the parts of our subconscious mind. You know how saints in ancient times would have survived in the freezing temperature you wouldn’t even imagine going into. These saints have the power of their subconscious minds which literally gives them the strength to survive. We don’t know how powerful our subconscious mind is! In an incident it was found that a mother has tilted a car to save his child before he could run into the accident no wonder how she could perform such activity It is the matter of fact that subconsciously our mind knows many things but it doesn’t allow us to do it consciously. We need to over power our subconscious mind so that we can run our life as we wished.

Our brain gives us both negative and positive vibes, it is we who has to listen to the one. No matter you thinks negatively, and as myself being a pessimist has to suffers. Why people are pessimistic is because they over analyse the situation and thinks practically, and being negative atleast dont let them feel pathetic. We will be satisfied with the end result because if something good happens inspite of thinking it way negatively then it’s a win win situation don’t you think. Ok I think I made this para a bit complicated. Lets analyse it in a simpler way. Take it as exams preparation and then results, optimists will always have positive vibes around them and they will always think to get good scores lets say 95 out of 100 and when they get less than 95 then this is a disappointment for them but its other way round in terms of pessimists, because they will think the minimum score or the average and if they succeed to get to the average score then they are satisfied with that and achieved more than average then again it’s a win win situation for them. This is how a pessimist thinks atleast this is what the case is with me.

Being negative is not always our fault. We may have fallen in such situations that only gave us negative vibes and we ended up being negative. But the case is that nature always listens to our mind and the thing we actually are thinking it will take it as it is!! So, when you think negatively then its obvious for the nature to take it negative and return to you in more negative way. And there we get our life complexed. And in other hand when you are full of positivity and positive thoughts then nature will take it as it is and it returns to you in more positive manner. This is how life treats us, give them more positive vibes it will doubles the positivity around you and vice versa.

Be positive! ; )

“Experience more”

Knowledge is power! There is ample of knowledge one can learn and even then it wouldn’t be enough. The more knowledge you have the more you realise that how much you don’t. Knowledge is that deep ocean where one goes and never get the end result as it’s beyond our imagination! The deeper you go the more you get introduced to the new things and such is in case of knowledge. Knowledge can be learned anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. The sanity of people is checked through their knowledge and wisdom. People should know how to acquire knowledge and how genuinely they can use it to earn good sum of money. Knowledge can be categorised into two forms- The bookish knowledge and the practical or the general knowledge. Both are important at their part of time. A person gets success in either ways, Even through bookish knowledge or from practical knowledge! Both tends to serve success at peak. Speaking about both then both seemed to earn a good living and allows one to grow wealthy.

Let’s talk about which serves when and how longer one can rely on them in respective fields!!

●Comparison of Bookish knowledge and Practical knowledge.

From the primary sections of our school we are taught to learn from the books. And there starts our journey of getting habituated to mugging up. Our education system checks our memory and not how well we gained knowledge, the obvious reasons for exams. Children’s are slowly turning into bookworms and that is not at all their fault, that is how they have been taught to and so is the reasons why people easily tops these exams but fails the actual exam of something really important than that called life. Yes I know that there is no possible way of inventing a rocket science out of nowhere without having the theoretical knowledge or say the bookish knowledge. One has actually experimented and gave it as a theory, a fact, a norm!! Bookish knowledge helps us add more knowledge. It’s an additional thing as a primary part of our life. But bookish knowledge cannot help us experience the world. Practical knowledge is what let the person face the world. You can read as many books as you want but it is also you who have to apply it in the first place. Bookish knowledge will not teach you primary matters of life. We have to get experience to know how an ATM works likewise purchasing something in market has to do with your knowledge and not with the bookish knowledge. No books will serve you with these knowledge. It is you who has to use your common sense, and the presence of mind. A new born will first learn through his/her experience and noy through books. The basic step to face the world starts with that of experiencing things. Even the books we read are the experiences of someone which we are reading as theory. So altogether we can conclude that bookish knowledge will let you know about the world without actually experiencing things but the practical knowledge will let you survive the world and abundance everything!

The sufferers:-

From the early ages of our history we have been hearing about the 3 categories of the people, The rich, The poor and The middle class. Then and as of now we have been hearing the same thing! Even till this date this haven’t seemed to be changed. And as this unstoppable pandemic hit us hard, everything has been shut and taken a pause. And this crisis, this pandemic has taught us that having lavish cars, houses and jewellery can’t save us from being hit by the pandemic and in such crucial time only basic things serves and are required. All the lavish and luxurious things won’t save us!! To this unsympathetic pandemic there is no such differences as of rich, poor and middle class. It will knock every door irrespective of what is their status of living. Whether you are rich, poor or middle class this is not going to serve sympathy on you. Everyone is going to suffer but the most sufferers are The middle class people.

Let’s see the impact of this pandemic on the different class of people.

The rich- speaking about them then let us see how the pandemic has an affect on them. When this world wide spreaded pandemic hit India as well then it was decided to shut the entire country except the groceries stores, medical stores etc., But there is no major impact on them as they have everything in their hand. This does not affect them at the first place, they have already earned enough that they don’t have to worry. Inspite of that they may be earning the passive income. Instead they are getting richer day by day as the ‘Stock/Share Market’ plays a important role in their life, they need to invest in good companies who has a goodwill in the market and is predicted to do well in the future. Due to the strike of coronavirus the market has fallen drastically so they have good opportunity of investing in them and earning a good sum of money. This is how the pandemic had an affect of it on The Rich people. There is two things a person is worried off, The money and the fame, reputation. Talking about the riches they already have earned and only thing matters to them is their reputation in the world. There are some exceptions under this category, there are several people who being rich are helping those who are in need.

The poor- When the economy has a huge decline in serving people suffering through pandemic, poorers or the ones below the poverty line has been affected through pandemic but not as much as of middle class group. As government is providing free medication to the sufferers of the deadly virus, then poor who have been affected through it can get the free medication. Also several states government has introduced schemes for the poor’s. The white ration card schemes, giving free cylinders, 500 rs to those holding jan dhan account etc., There are more schemes than mentioned above. And people are getting benefits from them. For the poor people, money matters and there are some people who don’t care for the reputation but to earn some amount of money to meet their daily requirements, atleast to have 2 time meals daily. When the pandemic and the starvation both hit them hard then reputation won’t matter to them. And it should not even matter because living is more important than reputation.

The middle class- here comes the main sufferers. They are the ones who always get stabbed. And so is in this case, even pandemic hit them really hard. They have to pay the rent, the electricity bill, tax to the government directly or indirectly, school; tuition; institutions fees, Incase they took any kind of loan then paying back with interest these all what comes in the hand of a middle class person. They have no business running! Employees have to work from home for the half salary. They are earning or not irrespective of that they have to pay for all those mentioned above and the list is long enough to be mentioned. The life of middle class has been turned into hell. They can’t invest in shares as it contains high risk and they aren’t even introduced to any schemes which actually will help them in this crisis. It looks as if the middle class people are earning for others and not for their family. Whatever they are getting in hand is unexpectedly gets outlayed. But these are only my opinions so no offence. There may be other way round but this is what I have seen till date!!


Internet is the major part of our day to day life, infact all are dependent on the smart phones excessively. Moreover almost everything is possible through the smart phones these days. It doesn’t seems longer that what technology will serve us in the coming time. There are such inventions which will blow our mind and we didn’t even know those gadgets exist. Sooner or later most of the things will be replaced by the qualifying technology and one can imagine what will be the circumstances. Robots may take places of many professional and non professional fields. They will be more skilful than us! There are both the pros and cons of having everything online. It’s basically on the person how one uses it!

Now, when we talk about online then one should not forget to consider online learning. Yes E-learning is what we are talking about. Even everything is online available on internet it is us who should use that skillfully. It takes dedication and determination to learn online because Internet is something which has ‘n’ number of things available and we may get distracted easily. Hopefully there are many courses available online and we have a great opportunity in our hand to learn them and get skilled and its the right time as we are quarantined. Many of us prefer face to face coaching as its convenient and we will be focussed, and there is no question of getting distracted as lecturers directly catch hold of us. But as the courses are free online and we can sit anywhere as per our convenience then its again not a big deal and to earn something one should lose something, What more one can ask for. As of a youtube video I heard there will be 4 skills which will be in the hype in the coming years.

Those are content writing, public speaking, 2d or 3d video editing, animation. One should try these skills, people are earning in lakhs from these and will have the good scope!

Exam matters lives don’t!

Writing this post for obvious reasons. We are in such a horrible situation where people think twice to come out of their home even for daily/basic needs, and these people don’t even think before keeping exams. Future of the country they call’s but there future exist or not they don’t care, they have no concern over the lives but what matters to them is exams., yes exams are important and if the situation were normal then students may have written no doubt. But why make a fuss over here, this is not the right time to ignore the pandemic and focus more on the exams. Its cent percent true that exams are only the basis on which ones future gets decided as per our education system but in that case there should be future. Who do you think will take the responsibilities of students if they get infected. Many are jobless as of now and are not able to afford transportation, many are out of town, they are struggling to get back to their home town while you are making hype among the students to write exams.

Wow, I mean I am blown by the decisions of various universities, state boards who without any second thought making every possible arrangements. This looks as, if students didn’t write these particular exams they will be loosing very valuable thing. As myself being a university student they are constantly asking for the payment of the examination fee, I mean seriously will these people stop bragging about exams and concentrate on how to save people and they should not involve with each other in any case.

Even if somehow students get to the examination centre, are they sure that they will not mingle with each other before and after the exam. No matter how hard they take precautions from their side but there are double the chances that students may get infected. We students aren’t searching for reasons to avoid exams, if that would be the case why we would have wrote the previous exams. And writing one more would not have hurt our ego but this does because we students prefer our lives more than exams.

PS:- Lastly no offence. This is just my concern over the necessary topic which is taken too much to be heard by the officials.