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Trapped in music.

You know music is the best therapy, without any medication and special treatments which will help us heal our wounds, obviously not the physical ones..! Those which kills you internally. When people fails to understand you then music becomes your vibing partner which changes the mood for quite sometime. Not just the sadistic or sentimental mood but, the joyous moments which can be expressed through music. When you feel too shy to express your emotions music can help you put it before them(helps in proposing ; ) Music taste differs from person to person, everyone have their own playlist which vibes accordingly. You cannot ask one to vibe through your sense of music…! Being it party bummer or a post breakup story…every mood can be sorted through it. Being a music lover one can have the great taste in music, but what they do is they listens to the song on loop which turns out to loose interest and catch on another song. Irrespective of language barriers the music serves need not to understand the lyrics always..sometimes the rhythm, the tuning, the instruments will take you along with them to the different fantasy world beyond the nasty reality.

Speaking about Hindi songs and English songs. According to me the emotions which are put into the song with the true feelings can be felt through hindi songs. Not just through hindi but other than hindi which is spoken in India. Hindi songs are well known to express emotion in the better way! One can feel the emotion and the expression used behind the songs. The popularity of hindi songs in foreign countries are as high as english songs have here in India. Even the English songs are dope. The craze of english songs is increasing with the matter of two subjects either to look cool or they are genuinely interested in listening. There are many songs which vibe well with our personality, and gives you wonderful and meaningful song with the beautiful tunes and sound tracks into it.

Sometimes hindi songs bring trash songs, which are disastrous..which gives utter disappointment as a music lover. Even the english songs are made that way. Both the languages has their best and worst songs. We cannot judge through the language. Sometimes you just need to take the song as it is, as the art has no meaning and is deemed to see as it is shown not always but basically.

Hindi songs are coming up with the remix versions of old songs which are being destructive. Even some songs have the worst lyrics which makes no sense at all and looks hilarious while listening. And then they are poured with hate and nasty statements everywhere over the remixes, worst lyricism, copying of english songs and their tunes here in India. Other side are english songs who didn’t plagiarize the songs, tunes or music strategies of others as far as i know. They make fresh contents. Music is scared. It does not have any colour, language, religion or physique. So enjoy the beauty of the song and try to criticise less. It takes lots of struggle…not as of Ananya pandey but some real struggle as of Sidhant chaturvedi(just a meme material..don’t get offended).

Ps:- Some of my personal favourites songs both hindi and english put up randomly.

1- Dil chahta hai

2- Humraah

3- Chale aana

4- We don’t talk anymore

5- Shape of you

6- Closer

Writing leads to peaceful mind.

Why people are asked to maintain diary? Why people ask to make writing as a habit? How writing helps us? These questions might pop up in your head once in a lifetime. So I’ll try to answer as per my opinion.

~When we pen down something, we use the selectable words and form up the sentences with minding to keep words at right place. There is a boom in our intelligence and imaginagion when we write. We tend to use more of our brain while writing.

~ Writing helps add up our vocabulary, we can have fluency in that language. (I am not asking you to write only in english…use your own convenient language)

~ When you feel that no one is there to listen to you, then you can pen down irrespective of the fear of being judged. It will calmly listen to you but will not be able to advice you.

~ We can express our emotions and can give it time as per our need. It will always be there anytime, anywhere to listen upto you.

~ We can write our ideas, as our mind carries heavy traffic inside which may turn up loosing important factors.

~ Expressing gratitude towards non-listeners…thanking and being grateful is never out of fashion and should be practiced.

~ New ideas, thoughts genrates in our mind. Writing leads to the origination of taglines, proverbs, motivational thoughts.

~ Writing always needs not to be professional. It can be both formal and infornal accordingly. (Needs to be formal in case of professional, officials articles)

~ Writing tend to increase optimistic behaviour. Positive thoughts and vibes arouses around us.

~ Writing and learning are parallel lines which goes hand in hand. When one learns, they can express it via writing, and the one who writes can learn through it.

~ At the end it helps as a relief for us and make us feel happy.


Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood. These are one of the pillars of the country which are gaining huge profits..not just profits but super profits. Movies really take us to the other world no matter what mood we are into. Act as stress buster, relief, make us feel joyous etc., Those 3 hours becomes magical as we are only focused on what the screen is displaying. Both kinds of movies are present, extremely good as well as extremely bad!! We cannot get an overview of the movie just by watching trailer as our expectation rises and the movie may turn out to be a flop. Not being pessimistic..just keeping my opinion.

Hollywood is extremely overrated in India as well as in foreign for obvious reasons as it gave many blockbusters and super duper hits. They have VFX beyond our imaginations be it fictional, or reality. One cannot assume the level of action scenes(Avatar, MCU, DCU series etc.,) people in India are huge fan of MCU series and the previous year release of Avengers end game broke many records, cam imagine the fandom here. People are going crazy over these movies despite of characters being fictional. There cinematography, scenarios take over the whole show. But there are some movies which are utter disappointment for people. There are both the kinds of content need to watch the right one.

Bollywood is overrated as well. Comparatively even the bollywood gets lots of love from the audience. People are ready to spend a lot on Bollywood moviez by watching it over and over in theatre’s just being a fan of the actor/actress. Even it gave many blockbusters(Evergreen ‘3 idiots’, URI, Chichhore, super 30, Badla, Andhadhun) these are the content ful movie. The list is long enough to be mentioned. These type of movies are to be appreciated and to be look forward. But on the other side it also gave disastrous movies which is really a disappointment to us as a viewer, as an audience(Total dhamaal, loveyatri, Himmatwala, Humshakals, Tubelight) these kind of movies gains box office irrespective of their content. As an audience we failed to recognise the good content ful movies and just for the stardom and fandom made worst movies into hit, despite of getting negative reviews movies earned well at box office which shows that we can lick the foot of worst actor, star kids and can kick the good actors and their movies. We ourself supports starkids and rant online about boycotting. The good content ful movies were left unpopular and unrecognised movies like ‘nil battey sannata’ is a movie which will win your heart with its simplicity and innocence. The content is ordinary, yet the movie is unpopular that is not recommended by anyone, The Tashkent files is another movie beyond our imagination yet unrecognised by audience a must watch movie.

Tollywood is underrated. Except for having highly promoted movies everywhere, the other movies aren’t recognised at the first place. Baahubali series was a blockbuster in India and was worth watching. But the other movies which doesn’t have enough promotional events left unrecognised. South movies are focused only on contents irrespective of showing fairness, beauty, and status/standard of living. I know there are some movies which have these 3 propaganda’s but some don’t care about the colour, beauty, or standard…! Movies like 96, , fidaa, Ratsasan, Dear comrade, U’turn..these movies deserve more viewers. Even the worst movies teaches something productive and good out of it. I know, I know..the hindi dubbing sometimes fails to match the level of originality, and the songs were dubbed into literals meaning which turns into disasters. Even this also has good and bad verse. The action scenes sometimes are too much to handle. Just like bollywood, even this assassinates Physics: /

Both the kinds of movies are available, Good as well as bad but its us who has to watch as per content not for the fandom and for star kids.

The oscar winning movie of 2019 “Parasite”is indeed a thought provoking movie. The movie may seem boring at first but will keep you anxious at the scenes coming aftermath, comedy plus thriller will not let you move an inch by your seat so indeed it deserved the award. A must watch movie, highly recommended!!


The story goes in the early 90’s. A student who for the education purpose was living away from his home without having any disturbance through his family. He used to live in the city of Rajathan. He got the invitation from one of his close friends to attend his cousins wedding. It was in the village of Rajasthan somewhere near by to that city but still far as of his reach. He was 17 back then and was living alone. So he gave it a thought and as he was living far from the village how will he be able to go were the thoughts running in his mind. He refused to go and tried to cancel the plan but at the same time was curious to attend the village’s wedding. So atlast he decided to visit the village and attend the wedding.

After informing to his parents he left soon to attend the wedding which was scheduled 2 days later. He reached the village and his friend picked him up from the station and both went to his friends house. His friends was happy as they were meeting after long time. After freshing up he takes some rest so that he can attend the rituals later. He wanted to travel the village but his friend refused as he was quiet busy but he asked multiple times so his friend couldn’t refuse. It was already evening..and luckily one of his friends uncle asked them to sit in their car but mid way they have to leave as his uncle had some work. Now it was getting dark and no vehicle was passing by. After waiting for long time a bus arrived so they both without giving it a thought sat in the bus. There were few villagers around 10-12 including them both. Slowly by every passing stop people were leaving the bus as their destination arrived and a time came when only those 2 friends and the conductor and the driver were left. Both were worried as it was dark and had no cellphones and smart phones to carry around. They were getting negative thoughts and were afraid that they might get bankrupted by robbers in the midway or the conductor and the driver were the goons of the robbers as it was common in those day.

They were in some vacant area where no one seems around even from far side. After around 10-15 minutes out of nowhere the bus stopped and their heart throbbed. They were in utter shock and disbelief as whatever they were thinking was slowly turning into reality. Now both the conductor and the driver gave fishy look. Both the friends gave the numb look as they didn’t know what was going to happen. After being asked they told that they are going out to have some snacks and tea as they are hungry. Both friends believed that sonething is fishy and were terriefied as hell. As soon as the conductor and driver got off the bus they slowly put on the door lock and closed each and every window. Now they got some relief as they both were in the bus but soon they will be returning to the bus was terrifying and were giving them chills. Both were cursing each other for not listening. Soon the enjoyment was turning into the matter of survival. And they heard the knock on the door..both the driver and the conductor came back to the site and were knocking on the door but both the friends refused to open. Whatever they were speaking were not audible either side as the windows were closed so they couldn’there each other. The conductor and the driver thought that they are planning to take away the bus and both the friends were thinking that they are planning to rob them and kill.

After that the conductor and the driver started to knock more rapidly and loudly and were shouting fron outside like anything. One of them after observing the action of conductor and the driver thought that they are trying to explain something and they opened one window into half..! The driver and conductor sighed out of relief and asked why did they close the doors and the windows..and on the other side both the friends asked that where in this vacant jungle area they found tea seller..both the conductor and driver were confused and laughed loudly and told them that the diesel has been finished in the bus and it was at the back of the bus so they went to bring and fill it ; )

TV and kids

Television, a major source of entertainment. For all the age group people, be it kids or the old aged. Everyone can enjoy their personal content. Where kids love to watch cartoons and fictional shows…youngsters watch serials or reality shows…middle aged people gives major attention to the news…old aged group people tune into the bhajan and astha channels. All the kind of age groups have their own interests of content, therefore it is the responsibility of the directors of the serials to show good and genuine content.

Kids tend to learn faster when the things are shown lively..whats better than watching it on TV. As said kids learn things whatever they are seeing and grasp whatever is happening around them. Prime responsibility is of parents to keep a watch on what kind of content their children are watching..but some responsibility is also of the directors and the creators of the shows. They should have limits on what kind of contents they are showing as it will be on air and everyone will be watching them. Shows like Horrid Henry, Shinchan, Doraemon gives false impression on the children. When they watch such things they try to copy them..Horrid Henry lies about various things, always teases his younger brother and run away without saying to his parents..This looks fun at starting but you should also know that some or the other day your kid may copy that. Shinchan is everyone’s favourite cartoon ever and its an evergreen show till date but even this teaches wrong behaviour, and this particular show has many fan followers so be careful what they shows in the cartoons. Doraemon gives wrong hopes to the children and Nobita’s character always procrastinate things and always shown lethargic towards work, depending on him, seeking help from Doraemon. Because of this kids are slowly forgetting about the outdoor-indoor games and always sitting at one place staring at that dead box(TV). Also, These are all my personal favourites…but your kids responsibilities are in your hands. I am not asking to completely avoid shows but have control over what your children are watching. Being careful now will help in future.

Our double faces..!!

Can you believe this…on the launch day of OnePlus 8 pro, within minutes it was sold here in India. One side people are protesting over the issue of boycott of China products on the other hand we have people like “aag lagi hai basti mein hum hamari masti mein.” Just for their amateur interest…indeed ‘shaukh badi cheez hai’ Purchasing the phone and showing off just for the sake of status and as a result scamming our own country. Despite of having wars from China both on internet and physically, people are having their own swag level. People show much of patriotism online, like making hashtags trendy, hate comments towards China, posting protests towards China but in real life it doesn’t matter to them at all.

Action speaks louder than words ever heard this tagline? These kinda lines are made for such people who just to be in trend posts online but when it comes to follow…they give up! OnePlus stated that this phone has huge demand in India as its features are uptdated plus supports 5g. When it was about Carryminati, people took over the sensation at peak and together atleast for once they made Tiktok’s rating to 1. When we can make up together just for one youtuber(No hate, even I am his fan) why not for the whole nation!? When a known shopkeeper defame you then you will have conflicts with him forever then this is our nation, our India why not over this. Out of poll conducted it came out that out of 10, 4 are ready to boycott china whereas 6 still are in favour. Choice still is in our hand and its not too late working on it unless you will be leftout with no choice.

In the dispute of India and China 20 Soldiers were killed by them while their 40+ soldiers were killed by our soldiers. Such unsympathetic country China is..! Not because our soldiers were killed, that is for sure a reason but also includes the virus which is their contribution towards whole world. And other deadly virus available online are different; Tiktok, pubg, vigo video, beauty plus etc., These are viruses which are killing people slowly, acting as slow poison. They took over whole world under them and almost 70% of products here in India are China’s products.
People showing hate online over the trendy hashtags like destroying their products, protesting, using vulgar languages over internet etc., Then let me tell you nothing will help as you already purchased those products and the profit has already earned by them then this is straight forwardly your own loss. If you truly want to help then stop purchasing new products, seriously boycott this online and offline both. Don’t do this just to be in trend, this is no fun!! Protesting over boycott of China then you must follow as well, just for the sake of public praising and earning some fame over doesn’t define your petriotism. Surely youths have no patriotism towards their country, busy playing pubg…huhh! Using vulgar language then this will not affect them in the first place..who can kill animals for feeding themselves then nothing is expected from their side.

Lastly join hands towards our nation as this is feeding you, born in this country and it gave place to live, then live for this country. Everything is going in the hands of China which is doing nothing but killing through viruses both online and offline.

Truly stand towards #botcottChina..not to be in trend but show that you genuinely mean!!


A girl’s life no wonder is a complete mess starting right from the birth till the death. From listening to the taunts of parents like sit properly, behave mannerly, Can’t roam alone, should not go out at night, that’s not your field, every girl should know how to cook, stitch, know applying mehendi, should be creative, also should top in the class!! And what not…! List doesn’t end here…Alot is yet to be mentioned but lets not brag other points instead lets straight come to the point of mentrual cycle.

Basically, technically, genuinely (and other ly’s)this is the normal and ordinary topic. This is no big sin which a girl is committing wantedly. No girl wants to get treated like those 3 days as if murdered someone. Its not a big deal which people still seems not to understand. People reached to the moon and here we didn’t seem to overcome from common topic.

Common myths.

We have heard many myths about having periods. First of all the word ‘Period’ means Full stop.., and according to my theory this word denotes to let girls and ladies rest..full stop to their work for sometime as the body gets weak and they seems to loose immunity so to let them rest is what this term means! But, here in India everything is superstion, almost everything is connected to the God so that people should obey them. Girls are asked to not to enter kitchen, holly place, should not touch things, should be only at one place.

Not entering kitchen, having separate place to sit and sleep. All had reasons back then, because sanitary pads were not introduced early in those time that would be unhygienic as proper precautions couldn’t be taken..but what now!? Everything is available, all are aware of it, girls are taking necessary precautions then why still being biased..!

Not touching things, going near to the plants, worshipping almighty. Was all because of they were unable to maintain hygiene. But now girls are aware of everything..stop bothering in such small matters. “Ann(food) devta, agni devta, jal devta, vaayu devta, sab bhagwan ka hi hai toh inko touch karne se paap lagega na!!” According to this when a girl starting to get periods should die. Yes dying is what we are left with because everything around us is created by god, and touching those things will let us fall in committing sins, then better to die!!

We are in 21st century. There are many things around us to worry and take consideration about. Stop falling into such small matters and traumatise girls. They already are going through alot. This is as common as men getting bleed while battling wars…others assassinating and still living normal lives then why not in this case. No hate, please get out of this sick mentality and falling into others trap!!

2020:- A tragic year.

A ‘New year’ is something which gives hope to the new things, the coming year people put in positive vibes all over. They put up with the new year resolutions and same was with this year too..some may follow, others might not!   January seemed to be pretty good at start. Atleast here in India. The nation wide festival of sankranti was celebrated beautifully, the sky was filled with colourful kites. Everyone seemed joyous and happy. Later then the hype was spreaded all over about the delhi riots over the topic CAA and NRC. People were protesting like anything in the capital city. Protest got worse and worse and no one was ready to tie up the things.

Now came the turn of February. The government of India came to know about the virus which was not crucial back then. Citizens were not aware of the situation of the outbreak of the Novel coronavirus which was originated from China-Wuhan. Indians from the foreign countries started returning back to the India. There the people were cautious about the virus but were not sure that that might turn into a horrible and deadly virus in the coming days.

In march The WHO addressed the virus as ‘pandemic’ which was soon be spreading all over the world. Wuhan recorded the highest number of cases and then Italy was suffering. Situation turned so bad that nation wide lockdown was introduced. It was the first country to introduce. Soon India was hit by this pandemic too and after a one day public curfew, we also were introduced to the nationwide lockdown. For this generation it is really tough to sit all day long at home without mingling. But people succeeded doing this. The IPL which was scheduled to take place at the end of the march was postponed. The economy reduced drastically. GDP is expected to reach 0. Unemployment is hitting hard. Only the groceries or the medication stores seemed to have hike in their profits. People spitting on doctors, on ordinary people’s to let them suffer through this virus. Those suffering through this virus has beem running from the hospital’s.

April about to start, here comes the news of delhi being hit by earthquake. Not once neither twice but 3 times delhi was hit by earthquake, along with UP. Everything has stopped until now. Sitting at home became the only choice for people.

May(month) in the process. News came of Irfan khan passed due to rare cancer, before 10-12 days his mother passes away. The next day the news came of passing of Rishi Kapoor…after the immediate days, Vizag gas leak in vishakhapatnam in the early morning was reported. On the similar day news of gas leak at paper mill industry in Raigargh, chattisgarh reported. And lastly the boiler explosion at neyveli lignite corporation thermal power station in tamil nadu showed up. Also, the train ran all over the migrants out of which 14 were dead. People were wandering about what more is left to hit to get situation worsened. But this doesn’t seemed to stop right away, The cyclone ‘amphan’ was to be hit harder near West bengal, Odisha, and Bangladesh. Massive damage was done and its yet to be recovered. Locusts attacked in various cities of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Fire broke out in various cities.

The current month June…Cases of this pandemic is rising day by day. India ranked at 5th place to have the maximum cases. After the 2 weeks of the june, News came of our beloved actor Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide out of depression, Lost another talented star. God surely has the deficiency of stars in the sky…! Later India and Nepal ran into the disputes. Amid the coronavirus pandemic people are still struggling over the land. China and India broke out having war over the borders despite of suffering through this pandemic. Now the capital city is at high alert as the terrorists broke into the cities…!!

Don’t know what more is coming our way. Live your life to the fullest even if you are at home. Don’t criticise as I only wrote bad news here because the topic I chose is only about the tragedies we are suffering through!!

Stay home stay safe…Be positive!! We are introduced to the vaccination.

The night was still young.

A short horror story! It was the time in the early 80’s. In the village area of Rajasthan. Back then there were no transportation system and they had to travel on the cycles, and during the night time there was no proper lights, not even the street lights. People had to travel with the dim light in the night. There were around five people who used to work in an office and all were good friends. The work time was of morning 10 to evening 7 but as there were no transportation system they used to travel together and get separated as soon as their paths divides and that round upto 8 or 9 at night. They all were extremely hard working. Once all decided to have a small vacation and planned a one day trip. Everyone were excited as in those times people doesn’t know to enjoy enough. Carried the essentials with them, also took cooking stuffs as they decided to cook all by themselves. They reached near a river bank, gets a bath in that river and cook by themselves. It was a memorable moment for them. There were no gadgets back then, even then they knew to enjoy. Everything goes as per planned. It was now the time to return. All were heavily drunk so they decided to hire a car, not so fashionable one but an ordinary car as the car were not so popular back then and were extremely expensive but somehow they managed to hire one. All the stuffs were kept in the back side of the car and soon everyone grabbed their seat. The ride started, drizling air has been showered all the way long. The night was still seemed young! A big round moon projected in the sky..! Everything seemed alright. Everyone busy playing antakshri but out of nowhere the driver aksed to slow down the pitch a bit as the area was totally vacant…he asked everyone not to ask him to stop the car at any cost. Whatsoever may happen but he will not stop the car that way. Later sometime a person among them asked to stop as the lady was passing by. He seemed to sympathise as she was old and the cool breezes were all around also it was all dark by now. But driver didn’t seemed to listen to him and kept minding his own business. After repeatedly being aksed to stop the car the driver asked them to shut their mouth as the car was running at the speed of 60kmph, and the lady was running beside the car!! Had chills down your spine ; )

Ps:- A self made horror story. Let me know if you want more like this; )


The basic etiquette of humans is decreasing day by day. Humanity is the basic etiquette, and we have seen people with no morale and no discipline. The survival of ordinary people is getting complicated. Not only humans simultaneously animals as well. Surviving has become a threat these days, not only through this novel COVID-19 but as a ordinary person. We have lost all the manners, discipline, responsibility towards the nation, being a responsible citizen in the society!! Our Indian cultural is going all in vain. Pardon for using such words but honestly this year is showing us how people have been all through this time. This year is showing us everything which we have took from the nature, Floods, cyclone, asteroids, Deadly virus day by day death of innocents due to this virus, deaths of our Martyr’s, death of our dearly celebrities, deaths of animal’s, starvation, unhygienic hospitals and clinics etc.,

A person is required to have a basic etiquette as a human that is humanity. Without this a human is no longer called a human. Humanity serves everything. Helping each other has become a deal. No one genuinely wants to help each other. Atleast in this pandemic show some humanity. Help people those who are surving through hard situation. If one has enough then definitely they should help the one in need and if you can’t do this then sorry to say this but you are pathetic. No one knows what one’s going through. Your little help may make someone’s day.

Basic help can make their part of life hassle free for sometime. People should have mutual understandings among themselves, they are sitting at home and having two times meal daily also the family members are healthy. People can help in several ways. Helping is what needed in this crucial time.

~We can help providing basic necessities of day to day life.

~ By donating through apps. Even the economy is declining so, government need funding!

~ The shopkeepers should reduce prices. Atleast in this time one should not look forward for their own profit.

~ Those who have renters, then you should not ask for arleast 2 months rent, how will they arrange in this difficult time.

~ Medication should be provided at low cost and treatments should be less costly.

~ By not disturbing and harming any animal. Living peacefully and let them live peacefully too.

~ By not asking any kind of fees from the school, tuition, institution, colleges etc.,

~ Lastly, promote students to the next class. As we couldn’t afford to risk our lives for the sake of examination.

If you can help through any of these things then you should surely come forward. Please consider this and ask you parents to look forward. Thanking you in advance!!