Why to get Article Published in IJR

Article publication gives you opportunity of learning from your mistakes and if your do research and write then it is natural to get published and let the knowledge shared. You not only help grow the knowledge pool but also your get recognized for your good works. Research is being promoted in universities and publication of research paper gives you added advantage in getting a PhD degree or getting a job of professor. You skills of researching and wring can prove to be a great assets to the institution that you might join. There are situations in which journal publication is desirable. Why you should get your article published in journal like International Journal of Research (IJR) are given below for your benefits:

  • IJR has longer page limits. If you have too many experimental results then a journal affords an opportunity to include them.
  • IJR journal paper gives readers an abstract of the paper which will ensure that the needy person will go through your paper and cite your work.
  • IJR reviewer may spend days on a paper. It may also be in part of publication that the paper will be revised and re-submitted to the same journal.
  • IJR gives the opportunity to revise your work and re-submit it for review.
  • Journals have higher acceptance rates, giving the opportunity to get your research published.
  • Some universities evaluate faculty on the basis of journal publications. IJR will publish your quality research papers.
  • Some college seek PhD student to get their paper published before getting degree. IJR is committed to assist and promote quality research publication.
  • The journal version of a publication will be cited more and it adds real value. IJR ensures that your published article is indexed to the search engines.
  • We don’t charge anything for publication and this ensures that there will be no paid publication. The best will get published on priority basis.

IJR Journal is Multidisciplinary, high impact and indexed journal for research publication. IJR is a monthly journal for research publication.

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