Pen2Print® Global Scholars Association Membership

Pen2Print® Global Scholars Association Membership Scheme for Publication

Those who have got the membership of Pen2Print® , can take benefit of this concessional rate of publication in addition to the normal quota of free research publication each year.

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This is an attempt to help them promote research publication.

The aided benefits will be that they will review and recommend such papers for publication.

Our primary aim is to promote research publication and this rebate in the rate of the publication fee will serve two purposes. One the reviewer i.e., our Pen2Print® Members will keep the processing fee amount which is over and above the concessional rate of the publication provided by us.

They are free to offer this concession fee of the research paper processing to their students or those who seeks to get published through them.

This measure in also intended to give them due recognition for their contribution to research promotion and research publication. As it is evident that research work which might be good may not reach to the intended target group if it is left unpublished in stored in the rack of college library which is the usual fate of the thesis or dissertation or project reports.

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