Tips and advice on how to play the trumpet

Listening to music has always provided enjoyment to people around the globe. To be a famous musician is just one of many people’s dreams. Playing musical instruments has become an incredibly popular hobby. In recent times, the number of budding musicians has grown as people try to keep themselves occupied during the testing times of the Covid pandemic. It seems like everyone has been struggling the last year or two.

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While the sale of musical instruments has surged during the pandemic as people aim to try something new, it’s not only guitars that have got pulses racing. Brass instruments have garnered enormous attention, with of course one of the most popular of these instruments being the trumpet. If you have found yourself becoming increasingly interested, and looking for information, here below are some suggestions to make your adventure a little easier.

Take your Time

Upon purchasing a new instrument, (along with your dreams of success!), it’s likely that you will be aiming to practice as much as possible. While this is admirable, it’s unlikely you will be playing at the level you crave overnight. Rather than playing a lot on certain days, try to fit in a little practice each day. This will slowly build your confidence and skills as you get to grips with your new instrument.

You can increase the time spent practicing as your level of endurance grows. It’s recommended to do some physical exercise to help you prepare for the rigors of playing the trumpet. Rest is highly important after playing. Don’t be afraid to take a day off now and again either and give yourself a break. Constantly playing can become repetitive, and a simple break could be all the inspiration you need to come back refreshed and better than before!

Get your Back Straight!

If you intend to play your new favorite instrument a lot, it’s important not to form any bad habits from the beginning. Starting out, people, unfortunately, tend to form stiff posture. If they continue to do so, it could lead to pain and problems in later life, affecting them both in their personal and musical adventures.

Whether you are standing or sitting down, it’s vital that your back is straight. Your spine will lengthen, and your airway will become longer. This can only help with your breathing as you prepare to play the trumpet. Your shoulders should be relaxed, and while it’s normal that the trumpet will be angled slightly downwards, ensure it’s not facing the floor.

Don’t Be Shy

Like any other hobby, it’s important to have fun while you learn to play the trumpet. This does not mean you constantly have to be stuck playing in a room alone. It can be of benefit for both your trumpet skills and confidence skills to find a partner. Socializing is important, and simply talking and playing together with a fellow musician may provide some helpful Tips to playing the trumpet.

If you are lucky enough to have a jazz club in your area, be sure to drop by and check out the acts on show. It’s possible you may end up playing there someday! Watching other players can give you an idea of how they go about their play efficiently.

Of course, these days, we are lucky to have online streaming sites such as Youtube. This is a one-stop place, where videos to cater to all your musical needs can be found. Whether you are looking for lessons or tips, or again, you are aiming to watch other players, Youtube has it all. Perhaps if you have the confidence, you could set up your own channel. This way you can openly display your talents while being open to any advice that may come in your direction.

Have a Target

Instead of possibly just stumbling through practice sessions with no apparent goal in mind, it can be helpful to set yourself some targets. This may in fact give you the motivation to succeed in your aim of playing the trumpet. Asides from lessons that may be given to you which you have to complete to further improve, achieving personal goals can be very satisfying.

Be realistic when you set these targets. While they are possible, try not to put yourself under severe pressure which can lead to stress. You may be comfortable enough to practice playing a different piece in your house every day, but how confident would you be playing it in public?


While its true trumpet playing is known for its use in the military, the popularity of orchestras and jazz musicians has meant that public interest in learning how to play the instrument remains. It’s wise to begin slowly, and take time to get used to the instrument. Start as you mean to go on, and ensure your posture is correct, hopefully leading to a long and unhindered career.

It can be helpful to get involved with other people. Getting advice that can improve your playing skills is only to be appreciated. Putting yourself up for scrutiny on sites like Youtube can be beneficial. It’s important that you set targets to proceed on your journey of successful development of playing the trumpet. Achieving these goals can be immensely satisfying.