Nothing is more precious than “School Days” 🥰

Really. I am missing my school so much so that, tody I Would like to write something about my school. On first day if school., every child feel like we are going in ‘Monstars Mouth’ but after some days the child dosen’t want to back from that mouth. On my first day of school, really I was not cried. My parents droped me and they are expecting that I will cry but they was totally wrong. I was happiely entered in school. After some days, I was become class monitor & upto 10 th std I wouldn’t given my post to anyone. I was favorite student of my every teacher. At the age of 10 I use to deliver speech in front of 1000 people. I won many compilations but thats not matter for me too much. The real happiness is making crimes with your school friends. We did lot of nautankis and caught by our teachers. One day, our teacher was giving lecture of history. We were getting too much boared at that time we used to sit on ground because there was no classrooms for our 7th So, I and my 3 friends sat in our line. After some time suddenly one of my friend startedCrumbling pages of histories books and throw on my friends face. Whenever teacher turns towards blackboard we are throwing all that crumbles hear and there. This all tasks happening for completly one hour and our history books is totally got empty and there was hips of my crumbling infronts of blackboard we were enjoying that movements very much. After sometime these all was going on at the same time our principal mam passing fd corridoor and she noticed all our classroom and called our name sakshi, shruti, namita and rutuja please stand up . We was shoked treambling our hands and we stood up. She told us to go out of the classroom. We crying go out of classroom. That was really very embrassing moment. She told us I took your names into black list. We were shocked & started crying, specially I felt really bad because I was class monitor. After some days, the whole senario was totally different, I was become favorite student of my headmistress. Like this, we did many crimes. Some of them I can’t express. So, I advice those students who are in schools please enjoy each moment of your school days because this days never return back. Today I am leaving with memories that we were created in school days. Really, I am missing that days so much 🥺. #VoDinBhiKyaDinThe😌