“Movements For Environment”

Movements are collective spirit of people gathered and emerged with a motive to protect to save the environment. An environment movement cab be defined as Social or political movement for conservation of environment or for the improvement of state of environment. we Human beings are the product of Environment consumes every single basic thing to survive, we breath, consumes food we perform any industrial activity everything within a imagined sphere of one’s life is extracted from Environment, Imagination of life without Environment is Impossible and undetermined. but sometimes hopes and aspirations for developed world lead us to a situation where we start malpractices start degrading environment start deforestation starts building a future of concrete world and such activities lead us to a terrible outcomes. but people emerged with a movement to protect the environment termed ‘green movement’ or ‘conservation movement’ devote their spirits and stood collectively against administrations, government projects, etc. In India we had witness a lot of Environmental Movements that had changed the scenario of environment protection and produce deep effects.

Bishnoi Movement( 1700 ): India’s original environmentalists, who inspired the Chipko movement. In 1730 A.D. maharaja Abhaya Singh of jodhpur ordered cutting of trees in large numbers to provide timber for building a fortress, but ‘Amrita Devi’ denied to cut the tress she hugged a tree in an attempt to stop them, other family members and a total of 363 Bishnoi collectively hugged the trees to protect them they sacrificed their lives for the protection of trees and in that brutal massacre all 363 Bhisnoi sacrificed their lives for protecting the trees gives an example of great serving for the environment from which we sustain our lives.

Chipko Movement : The ‘Chipko’ Movement’ was a Non-Violent Movement that was carried out in Uttarakhand for conserving the forests and became a successful Non-violent movement encouraged many movements across the world to save ecology. Gaura devi, suraksha devi, sudesha devi, and virushka devi etc. both females and males came forward collectively practices satyagraha and clearly pointed out a message of conservation, restoration and ecologically-sound use of India’s natural resources and in 1987, the chipko movement was awarded the ‘Right Livelihood Award’. beauty of this movement was amplified by participation of women on large scale from a small village idea of the chipko movement spreads from districts to districts and covered the whole Himalayas. one of the pioneer leader of the Chipko movement ‘Sunderlal Bahuguna’ had raised against deforestation contracts assigned to private organizations and covered a 5000 kilometer foot march journey for delivering the message of chipko movement this brings common emotions of people on a single stage of protecting the ecology and Chipko Movement became the most successful movement Sets an example.

Narmada Bachao Andolan : Narmada bachao Andolan is a movement against a large number of projects across the river ‘Narmada’ carried by farmers environmentalists and human right activists. Medha patkar and Baba Amte and other eminent personalities from art film and participation of farmers activists and environmentalists carried the feat of the movement practices rallies hunger strikes and a significant number of gatherings that made the movement successful, Medha patkar and Baba Amte wins the Right Livelihood Award.