“Modernization Of Indian Traditions”

Today’s India is witnessing major social changes and trends over the period in norms, ethos, values, culture, structure, functions of society, etc. thus overall societal changes process which brings about social change in following parameters (norms, ethos, values, culture, structure, and function of society) and a kind of emergence of rationalism that is governing the basis for modern trends in traditions of India. Indian traditions reflect major changes through modernization in various forms of ideologies or various point of views: *Nationalist concept *Marxist concept *

Nationalist Thinkers: Nationalist approach involves ‘Synthesis between tradition and modernity and uniqueness of India shall be preserved’. Swami Vivekananda clearly pointed out that there must be a synthesis between Indian Spirituality and Western Modernity He used Nationalism as a tool to fight against colonial rule and brings strongly the idea of Nationalism and Hinduism in front of the world introducing the Powerful Concept of Hinduism to the outer World. ‘sanskrit and English was taught in schools with a judicious mixture Of Indian Values and Western Thoughts and this course of exchanging education and hence the ideas and thoughts and therefore the culture of two territories which brings a significant impact on the Indian society and western practices and ideologies of rationalisation and advanced sight of western brings some significant societal reforms and compelled several traditions to undergone significant changes and gives a hope of modernization modernising the society and these social changes brings about Indian Renaissance.

Renaissance: The social intellectual revolution that took place after the britishers or on advent of britishers in the field of philosophy, literature science, politics, and social reforms is often known as Indian Renaissance which brings significant changes in the traditions of the Indian Society that governed major changes like ‘Sati Pratha’ got Abolished, practices of Child Marriage got Stopped and Campaign for women education starts emerging and invent of Renaissance brings English education in India and this deeply impact several evils that were the stigma on the face of ideal society eradicating them and bringing traditional changes in the social sphere of India.

Marxist View : Marxist view consist of social traditions mordernization with the perspective of Marxist View which involves practices and tools to change the society according to Marx view. Marxist view consist of communist view for the socio economic changes. This includes historical materialism, modes of production, and the capital-labour relation. this involves framing a capital based society or capitalist society as a part of mordernization. It involves understanding of relation between labour capital and society and classes articulated it providing social gaurentee to every single social class which is initself a transformation of Indian Society traditions.

India social traditions had scrutnized under several varied thoughts and ideologies which produces changes for its traditions and brings transformation in the social sphere of India over the period scrutnized experiments and practices with varied ideologies that brings globalisation not only for sharing commodities through import export but also brings ethos values and cultures of different territories the rational ideologies and traditions we became a platform where we share different cultural values belongs to foreign territories brings radical and social traditions transformations and traditions of Indian Society witness modernisation.