mindset for sciensation TEXTBOOKSđź“’

Who are the leaders? What job they peforms? The answer is , they provide us right path and vision. They develop our clarity of mind and while developing this, textbooks plays very important role. Usually many great people uses conventional textbooks but now a days, students are using many interesting platforms to learn like sciensation. Usually people asks, why sciensation? The answer is learning from sciensation is very interesting and craziest using sciensation students are going to become researchers. The difference between conventional and sciensation learning is, conventional techniques gives us only Therotic knowledge but on the other hand sciensation get kids to travel inside others. There soul and mind both visualise s the topics. Sciensation make students to feel real life applications. If we see, generally what happens, if you solved one example on board and tell students to solve another one, at that time students are unable to solve it but meanwhile if you told them real life example and make them imagine they will never forget the actual concept. This is the benefit of sciensation. After that, some people asks, what about grades of students? The grades from conventional education is better than sciensation? The answer is no, becoz if students are understanding each and every concepts minutly so what’s the problem. They can easily write appreciate answer according to their imagination. The main vision & perspective of sciensation is improve teaching, analysing ideas, thinking out of box, developing multiple interaction & remind ourselves what we have to do? And time management all this visions can improve our educational values. One day sciensation become worldwide only we have to follow pattern of thinkers. Having positive attitude towards sciensation will make our future BRIGHTER ✨.