An Italian doctor writes:✍️

An Italian doctor writes:There is a terrible tragedy happening in our country. The old patients are tears before they die.They don’t have the opportunity to take away from the close ones. They didn’t want to die alone, but they had to say goodbye to camera.They are dying in wisdom, to bear all the troubles. In most cases, husband and wife are dying on the same day. Old Grandparents, grandparents are not able to see their grandchildren for the last time.This disease is more dangerous than flu. Believe me, it’s a different disease than flu. Please don’t call this disease so flu.Fever is impossible. The patient’s breath wants to come off in such a way as if he is drowning. The patients don’t want to come to the hospital.They are forced to get a little oxygen.Very few medicines work against this disease. We’re trying to help, but everything depends on the patient’s condition.The old patients are not able to fight with the disease.We are crying. Our nurses are crying. We can’t save everyone alive.I see the life of the machine stop in front of the eyes. Lots of patients are coming. We’ll need more bed soon. Everyone is the same problem. General Pneumonia. Very strong pneumonia.Tell me which flu gives birth to this tragedy?It’s very contagious. This virus is totally different.It is dangerous for some people. In our country, about 65 older aged people have diabetes, high blood pressure, or any disease. For some young people, this disease is dangerous.If you see these young patients, no young people can feel relaxed with themselves.There is no surgery in our hospital. Children’s birth, eye operation, or skin treatment.Surgery rooms have been converted into intensive care unit.Everyone is fighting against the virus. The number of patients is increasing every hour. The test result is coming out. All positive. Positive. Positive!All patients are kind of common:Impossible fever.Breath is pain.Cough.Feeling like drowning.Almost everyone is taking treatment in intensive care. Some can’t breathe even under oxygen mask. Oxygen Machine is more expensive than gold.I can’t believe how fast this happened! We are all tired.But no one wants to stop. Everyone is working till midnight. Doctors continue to work continuously like nurses. I don’t go home for two weeks. I’m afraid of my family’s old members.Talking to the children using the camera. Sometimes I cry by looking at the picture of the wife. We don’t have any fault.For those who told us this disease is not so dangerous, all their guilt. They said it was a common kind of flu. No action has been taken. And now it’s too late.Please don’t get out of the house. Listen to us. Don’t get out of the house without emergency reasons.Use Simple Mask. Let us use the professional months.Our Health is also at risk due to lack of mask. Some of the doctors are now affected.Many of their families are at the moment of life and death. So try to save yourself. Don’t let the elderly family get out of the house.We can’t stay at home because of our profession. Until the last moment, we are trying to save our patients.Unfortunately, we are returning home with disease and broken heart. I am trying to reduce the pain of the body of those who can’t save. If everything is fine tomorrow, everyone will forget about us. This is the profession of doctors.That’s why I’m trying to save people.Be careful even if this disease does not touch you. Stay away from the public. Don’t go to the movie, don’t go to the museum, don’t go to the field of the playground.Please try to feel the sadness of the old people. Their life is in your hands. And you are able to save the lives of more people than we are. You are the only one who can protect them.Please share this post. Share so that all Italy can read this letter. Let’s read before everything ends.Italy Be Gavatseni hospital Dr. Daniele MachiniWhen will my country understand! When will you stop saying “don’t be panic”!