#sorrows of Sparrow 🐦

Do you remember your childhood when you use to sing that beautiful song ‘Anek chidiya ‘?today ,like the ‘chidiya ‘,the song has become almost extinct!even birds like the commando sparrow,which we used to see in large in numbers,are scarcely seen today.these ‘chirpy little fellows ‘ that used to delight us onces upon a time should now be named ‘Sorrow’ instead of ‘sparrow’. That is what their lives have become. Full of sorrows! Human beings have no mercy for them. They shoo them away. They do not allow them to make nests on their balconies Or terraces. Rapid urbanization has resulted in cutting down of trees. This destroyed their natural habitat. An over – Abandunce of vehicle and factories have polluted the atmosphere. We have erected mobile towers and use cellphones, the vibration of which, distrub these birds.how do we expect them to live in the concrete jungles that we have erected? We have changed the entire infrastructure around us. We have paved the roads. We have tiled the areas around our buildings. Where are the green areas? As a result these little friends of ours have escaped, no more return. Trees provide our friends, the sparrows, with fruits and insects to eat. Now they are facing an acute security of food. It is for us, human being, to take more efforts to make things easy for these birds. We could provide grain or food for them to eat outside our balconies or windows. We could provide them with little boxes in which to have a dust bath. How enjoyable it would be to see these cheery little creatures flapping around in the mud! More importantly, we could plant more trees. Is anyone reading out there? Will anyone heed their plight and take necessary steps to help them? Otherwise these friendly Birds are facing extinction! The lifestyles of the people has been changed and they are no longer environment or Bird-Friendly. So this is our responsibility to do something for that little one. Just think about it! This is the small msg from that little sparrow–🌠Dear friends, I am little sparrow and how helpless I am? In fact, my name should have been ‘sorrows’ instead of sparrow, because Human beings have no Marcy on us, little birds that we are. They pollute the atmosphere and erect mobile towers, making it impossible for us to breathe or live. They cut down trees that are our natural habitat. Tell me, where we expect to live? In the past, the trees provided us with fruits & insects to eat. Now, however because of deforestation, we are facing a scarcity of food. I wish human beings would take more efforts to make things easy for us. They could provide us food & shelter. They plant more trees. These are our expectations from you people. Will they heed our plight and take necessary steps to help us? Otherwise we are facing near extension! Thank you all!