Our double faces..!!

Can you believe this…on the launch day of OnePlus 8 pro, within minutes it was sold here in India. One side people are protesting over the issue of boycott of China products on the other hand we have people like “aag lagi hai basti mein hum hamari masti mein.” Just for their amateur interest…indeed ‘shaukh badi cheez hai’ Purchasing the phone and showing off just for the sake of status and as a result scamming our own country. Despite of having wars from China both on internet and physically, people are having their own swag level. People show much of patriotism online, like making hashtags trendy, hate comments towards China, posting protests towards China but in real life it doesn’t matter to them at all.

Action speaks louder than words ever heard this tagline? These kinda lines are made for such people who just to be in trend posts online but when it comes to follow…they give up! OnePlus stated that this phone has huge demand in India as its features are uptdated plus supports 5g. When it was about Carryminati, people took over the sensation at peak and together atleast for once they made Tiktok’s rating to 1. When we can make up together just for one youtuber(No hate, even I am his fan) why not for the whole nation!? When a known shopkeeper defame you then you will have conflicts with him forever then this is our nation, our India why not over this. Out of poll conducted it came out that out of 10, 4 are ready to boycott china whereas 6 still are in favour. Choice still is in our hand and its not too late working on it unless you will be leftout with no choice.

In the dispute of India and China 20 Soldiers were killed by them while their 40+ soldiers were killed by our soldiers. Such unsympathetic country China is..! Not because our soldiers were killed, that is for sure a reason but also includes the virus which is their contribution towards whole world. And other deadly virus available online are different; Tiktok, pubg, vigo video, beauty plus etc., These are viruses which are killing people slowly, acting as slow poison. They took over whole world under them and almost 70% of products here in India are China’s products.
People showing hate online over the trendy hashtags like destroying their products, protesting, using vulgar languages over internet etc., Then let me tell you nothing will help as you already purchased those products and the profit has already earned by them then this is straight forwardly your own loss. If you truly want to help then stop purchasing new products, seriously boycott this online and offline both. Don’t do this just to be in trend, this is no fun!! Protesting over boycott of China then you must follow as well, just for the sake of public praising and earning some fame over doesn’t define your petriotism. Surely youths have no patriotism towards their country, busy playing pubg…huhh! Using vulgar language then this will not affect them in the first place..who can kill animals for feeding themselves then nothing is expected from their side.

Lastly join hands towards our nation as this is feeding you, born in this country and it gave place to live, then live for this country. Everything is going in the hands of China which is doing nothing but killing through viruses both online and offline.

Truly stand towards #botcottChina..not to be in trend but show that you genuinely mean!!

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