“Emergency:Stigma on The Face Of Democracy”

It was 25th of June 1975 a warm day not only by weather conditions but due to the political movements and revolutions were increasing the political temperature and the lines spoken by Indira Gandhi stunned the nation “The president has proclaimed emergency, this is nothing to panic about”. Indira Gandhi extinguish the lamp of democracy whose wick was ignited by her father 28 years before after a long struggle of Independence and life to democracy. it was quit interesting and contemporary that both Independence and state of emergency were declared at the stroke of mid night hour but with different principles one of them was the awakening to life and freedom another was the censorship on life. It was officially issued by President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Under Article 352 of the constitution but President only served as a stamp real masters were Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi.

Why it was happened that the biggest democratic nation who had struggled for centuries for freedom and life faces the Dark Era of ‘Emergency’ ?

It is a story which had many roles and characters and ground which was prepared over the time which collectively draws Mrs. Gandhi to go for one of the worst decision ever made in the history of democracy. its roots lies in general elections of 1971, when Raj Narain (who was a freedom fighter and a politician) Contested elections against Indira Gandhi and defeated against her. Narain filed a petition against the verdict of Indira Gandhi claiming that Mrs. Gandhi had used government officials as agents who campaign for her , government machinery , and bribery. Then comes the crux of the story which laid foundation for declarations of State of Emergency On 12th of June 1975 Justice Jagmohanlal Sinha found Mrs. Gandhi guilty of malpractices conducted by her during her electoral process and Sinha declared the verdict in Raebareilly constituency ‘null and void’ prohibited Mrs. Gandhi to remain on any government post or holding of any office and banned her for 6 years to context any election in future. This lead her to implement the state of Emergency to change the decision given by Allahabad High court. Justice Sinha without any influence and with his pure conscience laid the judgement which not only reflects might of Free Judiciary but also changed the course of India’s history Seniors Advocate Shanti Bhusan Who represented Raj Narain said- “yes indeed the emergency as well as Indira losing the 1977 election was the direct result of Justice Jagmohanlal sinha’s Judgement. “His Judgement was unassailable and Mrs. Gandhi had to change the law retrospectively to get over his Judgement. His judgement was hailed all over the democratic world as a great triumph of an Independent Judiciary In India” Shanti Bhushan the former law minister Said. This hypocrisy Exhorted people for movements against Gandhi in Gujrat in Bihar and in Uttar Pradesh and all opponent parties were collected together asking for resign from Mrs. Gandhi It made her frightened and there comes a fear of losing power. and this greed for power draws her to one of the most darkest point where she decided to impose the state of emergency the dark day in the history of democracy. people were prisoned without any course of crime censorship was imposed on News it was nonetheless Dictatorship. Freedom and liberty had lost their significance there was only single rule which remained for 21 months that was Indira Rule. Fundamental rights were suspended all that was remained there was the ‘INDIRA RULE’ the Darkest Event In the History Of Democracy.