“Just get out and run; running is good for you.”

If you ask me, what I do for a fit and healthy body. Then I would say, I go for running on alternate days, do yoga and eat a balanced diet. Running makes me feel lively and happy. It brings a change in my mood and makes me feel energetic.

We have been hearing about the benefits of running as a great form of exercise. Running is not only good for athletes but it is also good for us, as it offers innumerable benefits both mentally and physically.

● Running helps you to lose your weight. If you run for some time daily you can burn your calories efficiently, as it involves the movement of the entire body. It also enhances your metabolism. But along with running, you also need to look after your diet, if are serious about losing your weight.

● Running is good for your heart. It reduces the risk of many heart-related diseases. It improves your blood flow to heart, reduces blood pressure and the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood.

● Running is an effective way to get stronger bones. It improves the density of the bones of your spine, legs and pelvis and strengthens your muscles as well. Healthy and strong bones help to reduce the possibility of osteoporosis.

● Running is a very cheap and more convenient form of exercise. You neither need to buy any equipment for it nor do you need to find a special place to run. You can go out for running at any place wherever and whoever you want and that too for free!

● You feel more energized and pumped up due to running. Running stimulates the release of the hormones endorphins and dopamine in the body. These hormones are known to reduce your stress and make you feel happy. Since running involves the movement of leg and core muscles, it improves your balance and firmness. It also boosts your stamina and speed.

● Running helps to relieve stress. It helps to uplift your mood. You will see the changes in your thought process once you finish running. You think more clearly and are able to make better life decisions. You are able to eliminate the negativity around you due to running and become cheerful.

● Running boosts your confidence as you feel fit and healthy. You can see positive changes in your body and skin and also on your physiological health. You feel like a better and stronger person.

Along with being beneficial for the good health of your heart, running also helps to protect you from fever, allergies, decrease the possibility of diabetes and helps to fight depression and stress. It improves your immune system and the health of your brain as well. 

It is that form of exercise which doesn’t require many skills. It gives you fun and makes you joyful from within. Once, you get used to it, you will never stop loving it. So, to remain fit and healthy, just wear some comfortable clothes and get a pair of running shoes and start running along with your friends or alone. Either way, you will become happy and hearty.