šŸŒ Indians-In DebtšŸŒ 

Indians-In DebtWith kargil and indo-chaina, with Mangalyaan and Aryabhatt, with the 70’s winning world cups and miss Universe titles,with earthquake and floods India Today is seventy one, not out , not out. So on the fifteen day of August and the twenty sixth day of January we take pride in putting up the tiranga in our cars and on our bikes. We take pride to be an Indian. That’s all great but what hurts is that most of us take pride only on fifteen of August or on twenty six of January. We sing with great power to celebrate our Independence and us being a Republic. We make promise, hoist our flag, clean our streets, and listen to speech with great enthusiasm only on the fifteen of August and twenty sixth day of January. We think about all those martyrs only on days when we feel a sense of belonging. And it hurts more that people don’t even feel for their country like they used to. Everyone looks for an opportunity to flee the nation rather than to contribute towards it’s development. Everyone feels comfortable blaming the government (no matter what majority) when thetmy were the ones who elected them. Everyone will curse the garbage but throw a wrapper on the road themselves. We can aya that India is developing, but it is not progressing. The rich are geeting richer and the poor are geeting poorer. The roads are geeting wider but the pot holes are geeting deeper. The numbers of school are increasing, but rhe quality if education is decreasing. The real politicians are decreasing and corruption is increasing. I can say with a broken heart, India you are a ness right now. I cannot tell what can be done about it or lay my opinion on the table, because to be honest I have no clue. I have no clue how to shut the negativity down. I have no clue how to convince people and seek help for this soon to be drowned Nation with its flawed judiciary, legislative, political and police systems. But all I would like to tell everyone is that fell patriotic three sixty-five days a wear and always remember you are not bound to the nation just with its physical boundary the people make the nation. And I hople we can better ourselves in large and subtle ways to benifit India together.