City of wonderful scenes, abode of deities, the land of Kerala is indeed a natures paradise. Harmony blends purely with its air granting men liberation like no other state however, oh the fury of nature! They have fates in twisted ways. Sudden wrath struck the placid land, water pours until the sea explodes unleashing agony on human ignorance to the source of abundance. Beaches where we rode the waves, now floats the devastation. Houses, schools, cattle’s fallen to the storm, doomed to the might of something o-so-strong! Many died, all of them cried, weeping for lovers, calling help from others. No shelter to be found, and no morsel to call our own, yes, Temples, churches, Mosques all drowned, yet United the nation stands . There Preyaers for aid didn’t go unheard. The tragedy ridden souls beg for assistance! From all of us came supplies. Everyone did good, nation -wide, food, clothing, the necessities, despite the difference, O for their country companies. Sights of relief, breathed the people. When the sea took back it’s water, suffers yelled – Hallelujah! Outgrowing the destruction Kerala manages towards recovery. Traumatised, thought, they be willd by strength to stand again and holding against odds of hope, the sun shines once again regally enough, gleaming constantly, showering gratitude to those hands of contribution Kerala does grow again!