# Clean India Movement 🇮🇳

One may see a person throwing a plastic wrappers or an empty bottel on the road from car in all the cities in India. This is a very common sight in our country of 1.25 billions because of lack of awareness, recklessness, and irresponsibility and of course- ‘Old habits die hard’. India is making progress after opening the economy to foreign investment however, it stinks that more than 54.7% of our house so are still without tolites despite the government spending about Rs. 1250 billions on sanitization project in the last two decades. Clean India movement in thus, a dream for every person of this country. However it is wrong to blame the government because it could do nothing alone. It explicitly requires that the general public has to be made aware of this malice. People of this great country litter with irresponsibility irrespective of whether they are rich or poor and where they live. And at the same time we also have no problem if living with the dirt. Now the question is what is really needed to get rid of this problem? Literacy and education is the real key to overcome this habit. One things is for sure is that hefty fines are not the solution. In this situation, we have to look forward to our new or younger generation who are the future of this nation. Our children can became the torch bearer of this Clean India Movement, if we can inculacate the habit of cleanliness among our children then perhaps this Movement can become a reality in India . This mission can be implemented and achieved by educating our children from the very beginning of their lives that is from school itself. If in the school students can be inspired for this cleanliness drive, their future will be safe and successful. This is an initiative by the Government of India and everyone’s support is a must to accomplish this dream.