“Rise of PARADISE 🌈”

Naturally beautiful, blessed by the Almighty,
The Royal paradise of the world
Was a panorama my heart looked out for.
It took me years to explore and feed my heart
By running through the lanes of heaven
It was and called the symbol of grandeur.
And now a devastated no mans land.
Overpowered by men with huge guns, tanks and bombs. Who stand in ranks and squadrons
Pouring blood all over the nirvana.
Now that, every house had become the arkham
Where each heart burst with the feeling of falling into jhelum.
Every mind crawls to the end of madness
Every soul fears to be lost, lost, lost in the deep dark icy woods.
Every eye tears the death of its loved ones.
Every lip wails in the pain
Every hairs straightns when it feels the speed of the bullet over.
Every hand, THEN, goes onto shake with the evils hand then comes devastation again.
Because there is no Mt. sinai to be a ray of hope in this idyll so this is the end.
Hold your breath and count till ten feel the earth moving then 1,2,3,4…..