“Virat Kohli vs Steven smith”

Two Legendary Characters of world cricket masters of their game, best leaders of captivating just easy as you like and its peculiar when they both came and bat it is like just sit back and watch with calm . they both are phenomenal produces magic on the field showing their muscle powers work hard physically practices robust to aspire their skills for winning for their contries . Fervent enthusiastic assiduous with high spirit of leadership shows great Endeavour with skills techniques class and performances. These two personalities goes under immense pressure and competence emerging as the best characters in the world showcasing the great mental edge and mental toughness to deliver adamant response to their opponents wether it is jofra archer or jimmy at lords with clouds or wether it is patty and josh in perth with swinging and fast surface they both showcase tough battle overcome every hurdle like a leader produces occult. They both wins games for their respective countries but also wins emotions of lakhs of fans around the world.

But a question frequently arise in mind of every single cricket lover is it Virat Kohli or is it Steven smith ?

Comparison between two masters of their games is parching produces sensational and felling of apprehension. is it judicious having comparison between two pioneers ? over the years wether it is bilateral series an ICC tournament T20 world cup, Test series or world cup they both had shown great piece of performances and leadership produces magic in some of the nail biting matches and without any doubt and any question both are masters of spin pace turning tracks demonstrate best character against the best attacks around the world but what statics said because they never lies reflects what is it as like. Virat Kohli had played 86 test matches ,248 ODI matches,81 T20 I, and 177 IPL matches scored 7240 run in test cricket, 11867 in ODIs, 2794 in T20s and 5412 In IPL with average of 53.63 in tests, 59.34 in ODIs , 50.8 in T20I and 37.85 in IPL these stats speaks more aloud than anything what the king kohli is he is remarkable maintains average above 50 in every format of the game and this is not less than any amazement what he does when chasing down the big scores he is emblematic wether delivering a knock of 133 against Srilanka chase a total of 321 off 40 overs getting India home with more than 2 overs to spare or 35 runs inning during 2011 world cup having a fine partnership with gambhir when India was in desperate need or consecutive hundreds in SA , AU, NZ or England. Great showcase of his batting class abroad against red ball He single handed wins matchs for his country gives tough call to the best pace attackers in their home wether it is England ,Aussies or Proteas he is outstanding with leadership quality and with stats too. And besides it he had transformed his corporeal deriving a campaign of physically fit. Through analysis and consistent performance with remarkable records make him the ‘KING KOHLI’. when he slapped Cover derive against Spinner or Pacer its look like eating butter on ‘Favourite Paratha’ when He shows aggression through bat its like roaring lion making everyone scared and terrifying. Many bowlers former best players and what we had witness all over the years said He Is Unique someone not came like him before he is phenomenal he is Sensational. Coming to Steven smit is also engrossing and he is giving a tough competition to Virat but look at his stats what they said Steven Smith had played 73 test matches 125 ODIs 39 T20I and around 81 IPLs scoring 7227 In tests 4162 in ODIs 681 in T20I And 2022 in IPLs with average of 62.84 in tests 42.47 in ODIs 29.6 in T20I and 37.4 in IPL.He is best test batsman just terrifying assiduous passionate and unorthodox player with batting style out of the league no doubt he had his own empire in test era produces best innings and spirit of a legend player against best attacks across the world may it is jofra wether it is Jimmy or whether jasprit bumrah or rabada or Trent boult he showcase best mental edge with huge leadership quality to lead his team to great wins. He is outsmart in game of red ball frustrates every single captain every single strategy and bowling attack weather it is lords double hundred or hundred against India on the most turning track.. He is a feather in the cap of test era. And clearly he is a step ahead of Virat in tests but apart from it he had also demonstrated best performances in ODIs also may it was making India out of world cup in semis by hammering a hundred or making hundred in every country in their home. But Analysis and through comparison shows he is far behind Virat may it is T20I or ODI.No doubt both are legends the two pioneers of world cricket.And every single fan no matters which nation he belongs to love to watch them when they bats.