Lesser known facts about Greenery

Everyone is aware about how greenery contributes in the betterment of the environment by decreasing pollution. But it is not just limited to that.

When human body is surrounded with greenery, it improvises many functions.

  • Recovery Booster

Ever wondered why do we give flowers to a sick person admitted in the hospital?
It is because plants help us feel calm.
That is why most of the hospitals are surrounded with trees to increase the patient’s recovery.

  • Stress reducer
Places with a lot of plants and trees help reduce mental stress and increases your energy. If you ever feel sad or depressed head out and take a walk in the garden, maybe barefoot, and you’ll notice that your mood got a lot better than it was before. Also, it has no side effects.

  • Soothing to the eyes
Whenever you feel a sense of stress due to looking at a screen for a long time, look at the trees outside your window. The greenery is soothing to the eyes and helps to relax the eye muscle. It is also because the trees are at a distance from the viewer that helps to focus on the target.

  • Increase in lifespan
As the green spaces reduce problems like stress, depression and anxiety, which are often the reasons which lead to heart stroke or cardiac arrest.
Thereby increasing the lifespan of an individual and staying healthy.

  • Healthy sleep
When you go out for camping or to a village, a place surrounded by trees, you start to feel sleepy before midnight instead of staying up late. It is due to the effect of nature and unavailability of artificial lights that results in better sleep making you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning.

  • Increased focus on work
When we work in a place surrounded with greenery you will observe that your focus on your work increases. It is because our involuntary attention gets engaged in seeing, hearing and smelling without utilising huge brain power. Hence, the voluntary attention is focused on the work without much effort.
  • Forest Bathing
There is a Japanese therepy called Forest Bathing where people can jog, meditate, etc., in a forest.
As forests are filled with trees all our five senses are relaxed. The sound of the birds and the leaves of the trees rustling against each other, the fragrance of the forest, the greenery that soothes the eyesight and the warmness of the sunlight peaking through the branched and falling in our skin. Breathing in the clean and fresh air along with the forest fragrance is called aromatherapy of phytoncides.ย 
All of these things together activate the sixth sense that is the state of mind. You will feel happy, calm and relaxed. Along with all these things you can also do activities like yoga, jogging, meditation, breathing exercises, plant observation, etc.

Forest bathing can be done anywhere, the only requirement is trees.

Hence, greenery not only cleanses the environment but it also cleanses your body to some extent.

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