psychological determinants of revolution

It is very hard to perceive the emergence of states ,churches ,temples ,legal systems ,hierarchies ,organizations ,political ideologies,religions,and most important unification of Sapiens to survive from million of years without being coloborating without being believing in something which transforms us on every single stage of passing decades that is Revolution. Revolutions have occurred through mankind history and diversified in terms of methods, perpetuation, spreading of ideology, exhortation, to bring about wide changes in course of socio-political , cultural ,economy and institutional etc. reformations across the globe. Approximately 12 thousand years ago the agricultural revolution of plants and animals proper sheltering and settlement, then 5 thousand years ago it was emergence of first kingdom scripting and money, whether it was rise of Buddhism in India about 2500 years ago “A universal truth to liberate all human beings from sufferings” or great Revolution like scientific revolution occurred 500 years ago which changes the intercourse of human species to look in Extensive and capacious aspects of changing life . it Is all happened we evolved from genus homo in Africa 2.5 million years ago to Homo Sapiens in east Africa Up-to the most creative species on this planet because we kept revolting with our body keep revolting with the transformation of tools technologies ideologies myths skepticism religions etc.

But a question arise what it is that makes us all stand for a purpose in a Multitude ? what is it that binds us to perform collectively ?

Our language is prodigiously pliable ,we can construct a paltry number of sounds signs to propagate Infinite number of sentences each with a extensive and different meaning .Human beings can share and communicate,propagate and chant information with the surrounding world .Our language evolved as a medium to propagate information hence we homo sapiens grows as ‘modus Operandi’ of “gossiping” hence homo sapiens grew with social interaction, they are social animals they can distinguish whom they have to believe or whom they have to disregard hence they can expand from small groups to large groups and foster the most suave and consolidated co-operation .Apart from it one of the interesting aspect of our language is not just transmitting information but propensity of matters which does not exist, this is the most remarkable entity we homo sapiens possess that they can discuss thoughts things which we can not touch or can not seen. with the ‘cognitive revolution’ legends myths gods religion came into existence and homo sapiens widely used the fiction the mystic material and this is what Capacitate us not merely to imagine things but congeal our thoughts and actions to do so collectively.

According to a scientific study a maximum of 150 people can be consolidated with pure sharing of logical information, large masses can not stood together for a common goal until you tell them a ‘story’. Myth is something which captivate the common sharing of large mass by believing in common myths a large number of strangers can accumulate for a goal,A fleet of soldiers risks their lives for nationhood for their motherland for a portrait of belief, people worked for a political party’s ideology ,missionaries spreading religious education, All revolutions which shares emotions and active participation of large number of people across the globe may it was American revolution(1775-1783), French revolution(1789-1799), Russian revolution(1917),Great revolution of independence in India (1857-1858) they all emerged because of resentment born by differentiated perceptions invasive nature, dominant nature, harsh taxes rules harsh ruling etc. But shares one thing for common that is these all revolutions converted into sentiments of people through fiction, mystic material, exhortations, Hence transformation come across in beliefs, doctrines and ideas. A revolution considered to be successful only if it became belief and contributor to beliefs are certain myths stories mystic factors which gave man power to act and urge a large number of gatherings to march for a common goal.

In course of modern world exploring political revolutions brought about by mobs for the sake of better Transformed world puts forward interesting aspects wether it was standing unitedly against ‘the dark era of emergency’ or Political swamp by Honorable Prime Minister ‘Shree Narendra Modi’ consecutively through propagation and spreading of ideology all these political changes involves a large number of contribution from people with a common goal to abolish or to adopt based on mythical and mystic factors produced by political leaders who consolidates the emotions of people by telling them stories.