International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA) ISSN 2005-4297

With advances in technology, industries are inclined towards automating processes and systems/machines by applying control theory principles in achieving amazing results.

whether its about navigating a drone, sending spacecraft for exploration, operating F-16 on auto pilot, autonomous cars  to the process automation in FMCG or Oil and Gas or to the basic home automation.

Every industry and house hold appliances are benefiting from this amazing field. That being said, an automation and control engineering is field of the future.

In process industries, automation is being widely used to improve processes & performance of machines, cut off workers and that keeps an automation engineer above everyone of his peers.

In manufacturing or RnD, systems are dependent upon control engineering to make it operate in a desired manner.

In 5 or 10 years, your daily life would have automation including your car, your home, all industries would be having process automation, cutting off much workers and operation staff, control and automation engineers would be valued more, they will be compensated better than other engineers in the field. In top industries, they already are.

International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA) ISSN 2005-4297 is published by Science and Engineering Research Support Society (SERSC). The journal is open access and available electronically around the world.

Scopus Indexed Journal available at  . Researchers can find the IJCA Journal Journal Home Page with Issues and Archives at

UGC Approved Journal no. 2802 at IJCA is working for publication and promotion of research through throughout the world. Scholars are requested to submit papers for publication in Scopus Indexed and UGC Approved journal – IJCA

Email to submit Papers for publication is


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