Signal for Regularisation of Unauthorised Colonies in Delhi

The recent announcement by the Chief Minister for regulariation of 917 unauthorised colonies of the National Capital Territory of Delhi is a serious blow to the planning and development control prevailing in the capital. This will have serious impacts on the working of the Delhi Development Authorities and other Urban Local Bodies like Municipal Corporation of Delhi which are engaged in ensuring planned

development of Delhi.

Delhi is fortunate enough to have a series of Master Plan to guide and control the development of the city. But it is also evident that the local bodies has grossly failed in controllling the unauthorised development in the notified areas lying on the fringes of the city.

The alarming number of the unauthorised colonies is a clear indication of the failure of development controlling and monitoring authorities.

The planning and development agencies failed to predict the inflow of the people in the national capital and failed to prepare itself for providing the housing in a planned way which resulted in the mushrooming of so many unauthorised and unregularised colonies. There are many ghost colonies in the capital which have got sactioned.

The time has come to respond to the need for regularising them but not in the manner as suggested by Chief Minister but in a more regulated and phased manner. This can be done through charging development charged from the residents of the ‘to be regularised colonies’ and also keeping in view the minimum requrement of proper land records and legal documents.

These unauthorised colonies grossly lack many social and physical infrastructure for healthy living conditions. Indiscriminated regularisation will lead to sluming of whole town as new unauthorised colonies will find a safer way out of the planning and development controls of the developing agencies.

Politicians should sit with policy planners and urban planners and decide the right course of action and avoid playing politics of vote bank and endengering the planning and development of the city. The planners can help in sorting out deficiency of social infrastructure through planning measures like cross subsidisation of the development and FAR accomodation to use the vacant plots for developing social infrastructures for the residents.

Jai Hind..!

Shashikant Nishant Sharma


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